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In this video of the 12 Days of Christmas, what is the tune being quoted at about the 5 min. mark?
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Sounds like the "lonely goatherd" from The Sound of Music
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I'm almost positive it's from the first act of The Nutcracker, maybe during the course of the party sequence somewhere?
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Sounds like the "lonely goatherd" from The Sound of Music

AKA the Laendler.
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The Nutcracker excerpt is at about 4:15.
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Yes it is The Lonely Goatherd but not the version where they are doing the puppet or marionette show (in case that memory is throwing you off). It's a later waltz version when Maria and the Captain dance. Tchaikavsky is also heard in this arrangement of 12 days of Christmas, as is Brahms (geese a-laying) and Rimsky Korsakov. An over the top version of the song but very nicely done.
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The 4:15 excerpt that the ballerinas are dancing to is from Swan Lake. It's the "Dance Of The Little Swans". That's definitely not what I was referring to. On the other hand, I now can't find the piece I thought was at the 5 minute mark in the first act of the Nutcracker, so...

It also occurs to me that if they're taking their "samples" from music that refers to what each entry in the Twelve Days litany is, and not holiday music specifically ("Dance of The Little Swans" for "Seven swans a-swimming", get it?), something tangentially associated with Switzerland makes sense for the maids a-milking.
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It is reminiscent of "The Lonely Goatherd" but I don't think that's it.
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Honestly, I think it could just be an instrumental improvisation prepared by the arranger.
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I doubt it, WCityMike, because a. it sounds so darn familiar, and b. as Sara C. notes, the other little interludes are musical quotations that refer to the day's gifts (which is another point against The Lonely Goatherd imo, because Switzerland relates to milkmaids how??)

Anyway, I won't be looking at this thread again, so if anyone figures out the tune, email me please!
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"Swiss Miss", dairy brands called things like "Alpine" blah and "Lucerne" foo implies that at least for some people, there has long been a mental connection between Switzerland and milk-maids. So, yeah, I vote The Laendler, probably.
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