Please help me find interestingly decorated men's hoodies!
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Pretty simple: looking for men's hoodies (the typical zip-front kind) with interesting designs or patterns of some kind. See inside for details!

Cool graphic art? Photography screen prints? Topographical maps? Slight preference for line drawing and more subtle depictions. Surely there is a world beyond TV show logos. I've seen some of the options on Threadless, but the designs tend to be really bright and on the whole back (not the front) and I don't have a read on their quality, both for the build of the hoodie itself and the print quality/longevity of the design. Thoughts? (If possible, I'd pay a premium for union-made.) Thanks in advance.
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Society 6.

Many options are on the front. You can choose zip or pullover from each print. Many offer hoodie color options as well.

I can't speak for clothing but I do have a wall hanging print from them that I like.
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Design By Humans has a bunch of front-printed zipped hoodies.
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Redbubble might have too many options for you, if anything.
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I have no idea how I came to be on this web page
but they have some interesting designs.
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Take a look around Print All Over Me.
Caveat: Their shop has a bajillion things in it, and some designers get away with listing the same design multiple times, so straight browsing can be frustrating. I suggest an aggressive filtering strategy; get to the category you want (in this case, Mens > Tops > Hoodie) and then enter a Search term and / or color filter.
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A search on etsy for handmade men's hoodies with zippers turned up 31 pages worth.
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RageOn look for the artist Albien Gilberson, who has lots of his original art on print all-over t-shirts, hoodies, etc. I sent one of his t-shirts of a jellyfish to my sailor brother who's in the south pacific and he loves it.
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Daylight Curfew
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