Simple copy machine for home use
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My 100-year old grandfather wants a simple copy machine for home use. It needs to have a simple "Start" button. Any suggestions?

This copy machine needs to:
-cost around $100
-print in black and white (laser preferable)
-not have any type of digital menu or screen
-have as few functions as possible
-not be a computer printer
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This phone/fax/copier is only $60 and looks like a simple interface. Does that count as "not a computer printer"? I can't imagine a Xerox style photocopier that would be $100. I can use my computer printer as a copier but it does have a digital display – there are others that are more "buttony." Mine cost over $100 but it's large format.
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My Epson printer scanner does all of those things, cost $50, but does have a screen/printer,color,etc. It also has a big "copy" button for regular copies.
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Most of the multi-function machines, in my experience, have a big green 'copy' button and will just make copies if you press it, regardless of all the other buttons and screens available. Here's a random example.
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Response by poster: He had something like this for about 15 years. He's looking for something similar because he knows how to use it.
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My all-in-one printer/scanner/copier machine does all of that stuff too, but I've never tried to use it without it being plugged into my computer. Does anyone know if these things can stand alone and make copies without a computer being there to mediate the process? I'm not really a hardware guy, but I've always assumed that peripherals rely on the computer + driver software to process images, etc.
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I can't vouch for the particular website, but it looks like that model is still available in some places.
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There are several of the copiers you linked to on ebay right now. Seems easier to just buy a used one and not worry about interface.
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It's overkill, like most of the multifunction options listed here, but I enjoyed the simple reliability of my Epson WF-3540 enough to buy a second one for my other-home-office.

And to answer Strange Interlude, yes it works fine disconnected from ethernet, USB and Wifi. Copying either color or black and white both work fine standing alone, as do print-from-inserted-memory-card-or-USB-stick, but these require a couple of presses on a touchscreen (first COPY, then BW or COLOR, for example) and thus might not be ideal.
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My Brother printer/scanner/copier copies just fine (with easy buttons) without being connected to the computer. I expect most combo machines are the same, if that's your potential issue with computer printers. (My particular model was more expensive, but there may be one that works for you.)
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Seconding a low end Brother B&W multifunction - - but be sure to get a laser model. The included single toner cartridge is good for ~700 copies and a replacement high yield cartridge will do 2600 copies. Contrast this to multiple, fiddly, frequently replaced ink jet cartridges. The cost per copy is also approximately 70% lower. Here's the current low end model.
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I have the model that Fairmettle linked above, purchased from Amazon last Christmas, and only had to change the ink once in this past year. I love it!
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This is an all-in-one, but I'm pretty sure without wires or wireless set up it can just be used as a regular old copier. It's only $30 and at Best Buy, so I'm sure you can either call them or see it in-store.
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I can't tell if the model that fairmettle linked actually scans and copies, but definitely this one would fit your needs. It's a little over budget, $130. Also, it does have a tiny screen, but that screen literally has two lines of text, and you can ignore it and just press Start to copy without fiddling with any extra settings.
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