Looking for Amiga music tracker that produced an executable file
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Many many moons ago I filched a piece of music software from my local Amiga store by copying it to a floppy disk. It was a tracker (like SoundTracker, ProTracker, etc.) which was both French (at least all of the menu items were) and had the distinct feature of producing an executable MOD file. I can't seem to find it online, despite my best Google searching. Does anyone know what it was called?
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You may want to ask the folks at gearslutz.com in the computer music section about it. : ) Not that we don't have our share of computer music geeks here, but there's a whole lot over there.
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I'm pretty sure that OctaMED could do this, but it's been a very long time. I think me and my buddies used to share executable mod files. 8 tracks on an Amiga. Mind blowing.
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I asked one of the hardest core MOD tracker people out there and he was stumped and said try the Amiga facebook group.
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I asked our resident Amiga-phile. He didn't know but sent me this link, which has some screenshots if that's helpful. Do you remember what the interface looked like enough to describe it?
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Definitely not OctaMed - I was an avid user of thay, along with NoiseTracker and ProTracker. None of those screenshots seemed right, either. I remember it being light blue. I will join this Facebook group to further my inquiry!
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I'm pretty sure it was a weird French version of Newtracker now. Thanks for the help!
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