Can my car auto-lock after I leave it?
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I have a 2012 Mazda3 with manual transmission. In the last month it's been "broken into" twice. However, I'm somewhat sure both times that I forgot to press the lock button on the fob. Is there a way to configure something in the car that makes it lock within 30 seconds or so of turning off the car in case I forget? Apparently there are different answers for automatics vs. manuals.
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If I unlock my Toyota with the key fob and then take my time actually getting to the car it will relock itself in 90 seconds or so. So technically, it seems possible, but it it probably a feature that would need to be programmed by the dealership. You should call the service department and ask.
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I've had this feature on cars before, but I suspect that getting YOUR car to do it will be either a simple matter of finding the feature (in which case the dealer can help you) or a much more complex matter of adding it (many aftermarket alarms can be configured to behave this way).

Have you checked Mazda enthusiast boards?
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(Just a quick note: an earlier version of the question explained that OP has had bad luck getting answers from the Mazda forums. That version was edited for a minor phrasing issue and the thing about the boards got lost - my bad.)
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I have a 2016 Mazda. They have a feature called "walk-away lock," which is not enabled by default. I enabled it through the nav screen in mine. It works about 80% of the time (walking away quickly seems to defeat it consistently). I think this requires what Mazda calls "advanced keyless entry." A little googling suggests that it was available in your model year.

Mazda also seems to have auto-lock/unlock (enabled by default on my car), but that seemingly only applies when you're in the car.
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Mazda forums can be helpful, but also annoying and difficult. I'm sorry you had trouble.

I think that the difference you're referring to with the transmissions has to do with autolocking the doors when a certain speed is reached.

Unfortunately, the terminology is terrible here. What you are looking for is called "proximity door lock." I don't think it is transmission dependent, but trimline dependent.

You didn't say which trim level of 3 you have, but if it has advanced keyless entry, there might be a setting where the doors will lock automatically when you walk away. Like others, I have not found this to be very reliable with my 2015 3.

However, I am having trouble finding instructions for this feature (as opposed to the automatic door locks at speed which is the instruction set always referenced) in the 2010-2013 models. I'm a bit short on time right now, but if I find anything I'll come back. The best place to find this information is to dig out your manual, I'm afraid.
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