Earbuds like Altec UHP206
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I'd like to find a new set of earbuds that are similar to the old Altec UHP206.

The key features are:
-Decent sound. I don't need anything amazing, but the $10 Fry's specials are not up to snuff
-In ear buds. Not the Apple-style "resting on your ear" buds, something that actually goes in the ear canal
-Cleanable shields. The Altecs I have been using for 10+ years have a fine wire mesh grill that pops out and can be cleared of ear gunk. I cannot do that with a pair of buds than has a cloth shield
-Replaceable silicone tips, multiple sizes included
-Remote control, single button is preferable
-Cloth-covered cord
-Less than $60

Please tell me something like this still exists.

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Oh, and a microphone.

Maybe the desired price point is too low? The set of earbuds I had* had all of these features and I bought them for $45 at the downtown SF Apple Store in about 2010, so I figure $60 is a reasonable price for a similar item now.

*Tragically lost two weeks ago. RIP.
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(And I said 10+ years in the OP because the pair I bought in about 2010 ways my second pair of the exact same model. I'll shut up now.)
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These tick almost every one of your boxes, but I must admit I've never tried to pop out and clean the shields. I have a pair and I really like them; the one 'downside' to them for me is that the cord is longer than most earbud cords are, but that's really not a huge problem and in a lot of cases it's a good thing.
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I was a very very happy Altec UHP606 user, until I left them in a jacket pocket and left the jacket at a bar. I was much more bummed about losing the headphones than the jacket.

I ended up replacing them with a pair of Ultimate Ears 500, which have treated me well and sound quite similar.
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I have these Brainwavz earbuds and am reasonably pleased with them. The cord isn't fabric-covered, but I think they hit the other points you're interested in.
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