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greetings my fronds i am looking for shelf bin solutions for narrow ikea dark brown billy shelves.

please assume i have seen everything on the first few pages of a googly search for "bins for ikea billy shelves", including the very helpful links. i don't particularly like most of what i've seen on any of those posts, or on ikea's own website.

my demands are pretty few: i don't really want anything in wicker and i don't want anything in particularly cheap looking/bright colored plastic. i absolutely do NOT want anything with lids. i hate accursed lids. i will not be making anything myself, pls do not link me to a "make some bins" tutorial. my preference is to buy online.

the ideal bins will be 10"h x 10"d x 13"w but anything slightly smaller is also okay, by no more than 1 inch. i guess it would also be okay if they were slightly longer than the shelves are deep? by like an inch? but not much more than that.

right now the closest thing to what i want are these container store bins in natural canvas but i'm not really a fan of the color. i think my ideal color would be a dark red/winey/burgundy.

pls halp. show me your billy bins, mefi.
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Have you looked at felt? Might find more color options.
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Best answer: These are gorgeous. I'm not exactly seeing your color but maybe the maker can work with you on size/color?
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Response by poster: oh my god i love those, esp the fuschia ones, but the price made me hiss with despair. i need 6 in total and i definitely don't want to spend $115 on them. :(
posted by poffin boffin at 8:14 AM on December 7, 2016 might have something. It is a company like Avon, Tupperware etc though.
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These are burgundy, 8x10x13, with slanted sides like in your example. They have patterned trim though, which you may not want.
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The dimensions are a little off, but might fit what you want. Plus, can't beat $3.50!
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Not sure what your aesthetic preferences are, but I got one of these from H&M a little while back and it's been great as an "I don't feel like filing that yet" bin. They are soft-sided, but have metal support frames, so as not to slump in on themselves like other soft-sided bins do, and they look like they're just about the size you're looking for. They only come in white and black though, I'm afraid.
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Bed Bath & Beyond has many shelf-storage bins similar to your example, in many colors. Sorry, no time to give you a link.
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Here are these, which I think aesthetically you might like. The dimensions are : 10h x 13w x 7.5 d , So it's 2.5 inches shallow, but i think having the bins pulled forward and centered could work.
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How about 10.5"?
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Response by poster: i ended up getting the container store ones bc i was like 2 blocks away this afternoon but i don't really like them so much, and the 8" height is definitely too low. so i think i might just get those etsy ones after all. sob.
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