Gift ideas for someone recuperating in Bremen, Germany
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I want to get a treat for someone laid up at the moment in Bremen, and I don't live there or know it at all. I'd normally go for an experience gift but they can't do much at the moment. What treat can I order and have delivered, preferably locally to reduce air miles?

The person likes architecture, design, psychology, and weird alternative things.

Alternatively to a "thing"... is there anything in Bremen that the person could do as a treat, that wouldn't be too physically taxing?

German mefites, your advice would be particularly valued because if I can avoid posting internationally then that would be ideal. I'm in the UK and my budget is up to about £40.
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Best answer: This hipster Berlin tea company has delicious and beautifully packaged tea and other things.

These guys have the finest things, just like, in general.
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Response by poster: Yes - tea is absolutely perfect and that site has the goods. Thank you!
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Ok I was unsure whether that's what was needed. Actually Paul Schrader (tea and goodies post order) is right in Bremen. As simple as that.
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Bremen is home to the rather excellent Hachez chocolate.
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