Cotton handkerchiefs that don't curl at the edges
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I am looking for plain white cotton handkerchiefs that won't curl up at the edges when I wash them. I don't want to iron my handkerchiefs. I realize they'll be wrinkled and I don't mind that. But I'd really like to find some that don't curl up terribly at the edges.

Bonus question: maybe someone who sews can explain why this edge curling happens, and what it's called. I notice it with cotton napkins as well. Some curl, some don't.
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If the edges are rolled , they'll curl. If there's an actual hem, no curl.
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I use linen handkerchiefs. They don't seem to have this problem.
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I've really liked the handkerchiefs I got from My Hanky. I haven't noticed any curling at the edges (but if it's relevant, I don't use a clothes dryer.)
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Thanks all. These are great leads. I'm not sure I want to spend $10-20 per handkerchief, but I'll look into it. I've written to My Hanky to ask how their handkerchiefs are edged and whether they curl. I've marked Ideefixe's response as best answer, because I believe that is the root of the issue, and also addresses the napkin case.

I'm going to mark this resolved, but I'm still open to additional information or links to specific products.
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I'm happy to say that My Hanky is a winner. I wrote to them to ask how they edge their handkerchiefs and explained my concern about curling. They quickly wrote back that they use a "Baby Pearl edge" which does not curl. Even better, they offered to send me a free sample in the mail!

A few days later the sample showed up. I washed it. It didn't curl! Plus, it's a great handkerchief: very soft and looks very sturdy. Plus, their handkerchiefs are cheaper than the linen ones with hemmed edges I was able to find.

Thanks for the pointer asperity!
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