what to expect from layer3tv?
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So, I did some research on this and reviews from Facebook say, that this is a decent cable. I cancelled my PS vue service in order to try it out as it has all HD and it is 4k ready. Has anyone here tried this service? If so what to expect?

I am doing self install and I purchased this from a mall here ion North-brook IL. They also have a deal going on where if you are subbed for more than 3 months, we get $200 gift card from amazon. They gave me a $10 discount for 9 months because I am doing self install. They also said, for each additional tv it will be $10 more a month. And they are throwing in Epix for 6 months. I am not expecting much from it, just want to see if someone here has experienced it. I will be receiving mu box in 2-3 days. So far customer service is great .
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One of the reasons I cancelled PS vue is because they cancelled Comedy central and few other channels that I watch.
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I passed on layer3tv because they're running on the comcast network, which is overloaded in my neighborhood to the point where like, HBO Go gets spotty whenever a new Game of Thrones / Westworld comes on and I couldn't watch one of the Cubs playoff games through PS Vue because their network was in the toilet.

Going to fave this and come back to it because I'm extremely curious how well it works for you.
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I'm interested in layer3tv as well, but my place runs on FiOS, so I'm not sure if layer3 can even access the fiber network.
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Ok, here is my first update in hurry.

So far I love it. Here are the things I like.
Great HD Quality.
Good User Interface, channel line up and easy navigation from DVR and user based channel watching.
Plug and play setup, easy just connect the unit to router and TV good to go.

Few cons:
It sometimes freezes for second.
Channel lag when switching.
Loading times approximately 1-2 minutes each time you turn off and on.

I also noticed some wifi issues at home after the installation. But that could be due to weather.

I have ordered a second unit to connect it to my other tv for 10 dollars extra. Channel line up is great. for 69 dollars a month promotional period they are offering. Give it a try. You have nothing to lose.
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