Bells in Secular Music (Or Really Good Religious Music)
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I was thinking today how I like "Carol of the Bells," then thought how I also like "Tubular Bells." Then how I love the album Pantha du Prince did with Bell Laboratory. So now that I know I like bells, what should I listen to, aside from really churchy or new age stuff? I can get pretty experimental in my tastes, so don't worry about being too out there. It's also okay if it's instrumentation that just sounds a lot like bells. Please avoid all other holiday music.
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The ever incredible Bjork can certainly help. Who Is It?
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Oooh. The Gamelan is essentially a complex bell setup.

See if this tickles your fancy.
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aspersioncast, good idea! I do like some of Lou Harrison's gamelan music. This particular video that you llnked is too repetitive; I like more of a sense of melody or other sounds integrated. But the tone of the gamelan is lovely.
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One secular orchestral piece that actually gives the bells the lead is Alfred Ketelby's Bells Across The Meadow (1921), allegedly inspired by his hearing churchbells in Malta. Ketelby was a prominent composer of "light orchestral" music in the early 20th century. I find some of his stuff delightful and others a bit cloying.
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Some handbell and church bell videos on Youtube come to mind. Tetsuo's Theme from Akira, maybe. And in the category of instrumentation that kind of sounds like bells, you might like some music box [FPP] playlists and whatnot.
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Tetsuo's Theme is perfect! Thank you. Maybe I'm looking for handbells?
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Recommend Brian Eno's Lux1-4 series. I especially love the way Eno allows notes to wave cycle.
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Gravity's Angel by Laurie Anderson has bells, and sounds kinda like it was influenced by Japanese Court Music.
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Cylob's "Mood Bells" is quite nice. It's on Rephlex, Aphex Twin's label, but is pretty mellow overall.

The For Carnation's s/t on Touch and Go is also laden with resonant bells. The main guy behind the band is formerly of Slint and The For Carnation is, uh, "slowcore" I guess.

There's also Total Eclipse of the Sun by Einsturzende Neubauten, but I don't remember the album it came from ("Silence is Sexy") well enough to remember if there are prominent bells in the rest — and upon further reflection, they may actually be wine glasses played to give bell-like resonance.
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You said not too churchy, but you might be interested in Estonian composer Arvo Pärt and tintinnabuli - music that sounds like the ringing of bells. Here's his setting of The Beatitudes.
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Those Were The Days by Cream.
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I'm stretching the definition of bells but...

And On The Seventh Day Petals Fell In Petaluma (Harry Partch)
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Huh. I clicked this link all excited to be edgy by posting Oval - 94diskont but I get in here and instead find a whole bunch of old friends.
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Sufjan Stevens' Michigan album has several tracks with bells.
Tahquamenon falls is one.
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You may like the music of this guy (now a group, apparently?) who used to perform various songs on the carrillon at a music festival near me: Cast In Bronze. Really fun guy to watch and listen to. If you search for "Cast in Bronze live" on YouTube there are a bunch of cool performances that come up; their album tracks on YouTube are mixed with some non-bell contributions so I don't know if you'd dig that as much.
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The Sonos Handbell Ensemble may be worth a listen. Sacred music is part of their repertoire (IME handbell choirs are a church thing, so I suspect hymns and carols are de rigueur for any professional company), but their albums also include a lot of classical and folk/traditional tunes. Their YouTube channel only has eight videos, which is a shame because handbells are pretty mesmerizing to watch.
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Probably not what you're looking for: For Whom the Bell Tolls, by Metallica. The bell-work in it is less than interesting.
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Andrew Bird - Belles
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I've always loved the actual church bells in the (exceptionally dark) song Blood Roses by Tori Amos. I wish they were a little higher in the mix, though.
Deep Red Bells, by Neko Case, has a cool bell-like guitar effect (at least I think that's what that is), and references bells in the lyrics too, if that's something you're into.
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I've always enjoyed the bells in Russian Christmas Music (composed by Alfred Reed).
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