Civil Rights Fundraising Ideas for Inauguration Day
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I want to do something to raise money for a civil rights organization on the day of the inauguration. But what?

I thought first I'd help organize a rally -- but then, it's really just preaching to the converted. I'd rather raise money, and maybe even have fun on an otherwise gloomy day. But I'm not sure what to do. I could throw a party. (But would that be too celebratory? We will be sad.) I also thought about getting people to organize dinner parties to raise money on the day.

But I wonder if there are better ideas out there that you can help me with, mefites! I have a few hundred dollars I could put up as start-up costs if need be. (And I've already donated money to causes myself.)

So: ideas for an event to raise money to support civil rights causes on inauguration day?
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Are you in a city? I guarantee there are already organizations working on rallies, fundraisers and direct actions. Why not join forces, offer yourself as a volunteer and rope some friends in? Lots of small orgs lack fundraising experience so your skills are highly desired. At the more private end you could pair — offer a table with leaflets and docs, host a speaker, show a video clip at dinner.

On rallies. It's not just preaching to the converted. It's a highly visible show of solidarity in a public place! A well-planned rally attracts media attention, widens your message and broadcasts hope to folks who can't attend. Small demonstrations keep the flame burning, but huge ones can make your antagonists-in-power quake in their boots — because it shows your ability to shut down "normal." At the right time, for the right cause, a rally is a wonderful thing.

PS: I think NOW is that time.
PPS: Message me for organizing resources.
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This site From Give Forward has some good ideas and guidelines.
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