Help me identify this bust
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We found a miniature bust. Who is this person?

Cat included for scale.

At first we thought it might be a famous Texan, but the hair's not right for Davy Crockett and it doesn't seem to match up with Sam Houston, Jim Bowie, etc. The only other busts in this person's possession are famous composers or famous theologians, but we're hard-pressed to think of any of them who would fit the bill.
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Joseph Smith the Latter Day Saint
posted by hortense at 9:21 PM on December 3, 2016

It looks like he's wearing a judicial robe, so probably a Supreme Court justice. Maybe John Marshall? He's got the muttonchops for it.
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I think Justice Marshall is better looking than the man in that bust but agree it's an early Supreme Court Justice. Here's a similar robe worn by John Rutledge, a justice in the late 1700s.
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My first thought was Oliver Cromwell because of the nose, but the hair isn't quite right...
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the hair is wrong and the mustache is missing but somehow I still want to say Oliver Wendell Holmes?
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Roger Brooke Taney, maybe? His hair is parted on the wrong side though. Here's a shot of his Supreme Court bust.
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I'm sure it's not supposed to be either of them, but depending on the angle it looks like either Alan Rickman or Benedict Cumberbatch to me.
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That's almost certainly supposed to be a judicial robe. Anyone else won't make sense.
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I think maybe theologian: the robe looks judicial but could also be a divine. And the facial hair and necktie suggest 19th century.

Sorry to be of so little help!
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My guess is Schleiermacher. Another view. "Often called the 'Father of Modern Liberal Theology,'" someone who cares about theologians would probably know him as a major figure in hermeneutics.
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I am of absolutely no help to you in this, but if this thing were in my possession, and given blessing by the (very cute!) cat like that, I would accept this message of conciliation from 2016 and set up a tiny Alan Rickman shrine. I'm sure it wasn't him before, but it would be from this moment on. And if a guest insists, "But that's Schleiemacher!" (or whomever) then you say, "Oh, that's Alan Rickman AS Schleiemacher." And I am now off to shop for Schleiemacher busts.
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Does the owner know who it is? Are there any marks, stickers or stamps on it?
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(Sorry - ndwright was posting for me, this was found at my grandfather's house. He literally wrote a book about Schleirmacher. Y'all are the best!)

Next question - where the hell does one purchase a bust of Schleirmacher?
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Or maybe we should just buy a bust of Alan Rickman and dress it in judicial robes...
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