Sun worshiping cartoon short
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Help me identify this animated cartoon I remember watching in the mid/late 80s about a village of people who worshiped the sun. They all got up while it was still dark to start their preparations while singing, and once the sun rose they worshiped it and collected the golden sunshine in buckets.

I'm very certain about the village worshiping and collecting sunshine. The rest may or may not be accurate: the cartoon looked like it was done in the 40s/50s; there wasn't much color besides the bright yellow of the sunshine; all of the people in the village were male with black bodies and wore no or little clothes; the sunshine they collected was used to maybe power their village. The cartoon was probably 5ish minutes long.

Does this ring a bell? I haven't had any luck searching for this, and my husband is starting to think I made it up.
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Is it The Sunshine Makers?
posted by atropos at 1:30 PM on April 24, 2014 also has "The Sunshine Makers." Previously.
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That's it, thank you both! Interesting to see how accurate my memory of it was.
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My father always talked about watching this cartoon when he was a kid-- I'm going to send him the link now. Who'd a thunk that I found an answer to a question that I didn't even know I wanted to ask!
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