Help identify this book of imaginary animals!
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I'm trying to find a book I read 20-25 years ago - an illustrated book of animals and ecosystems that never existed. If my memory is accurate (and it was a long time ago), the book was illustrated in a very realistic style, but the animals were all a bit bizarre looking. Things like giant carnivorous beavers, or tree-dwelling armadillos (I don't know if those were actually in it, but that kind of thing). I don't remember much else - I think it was fairly slim, and sort of a coffee table book, but that could be totally wrong. Any ideas very welcome!
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I remember this book! It was a collaboration between scientists, science fiction authors, and artists, attempting to design from scratch a functioning planetary ecosystem. The name escapes me....



Was it Medea: Harlan's World, perhaps?
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This could be one of Dougal Dixon's books, probably After Man: A Zoology of the Future. Carnivorous land-bats, gigantic elephant-like antelopes sound similar to the kinds of beats you remember.
Can't speak for the evolutionary biology behind it (Dixon is an artist and geologist) but the art's wonderful

His predictions of future human evolution - Man After Man - are also excellent, unless you ever want to sleep again.
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Was it the Codex Seraphinianus?
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I'd say it sounds like After Man too... Dougal Dixon also did a book on how dinosaurs might have evoloved if they had not gone extinct, which was similar. There was also The Future Is Wild which tied into a tv series but I think that would be too recent.

An outside chance is one of Barlow's books
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