Where can you find motion dolls and angels for Christmas?
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They used to have motion dolls years ago......like angles, and carolers, who moved back and forth holding candles, and some lit up and some played music. All I can find is Telco and Rennoc as company names for these dolls. But they are all used on e-bay. I think they were called motion-ettes.

Can you only find these items as a vintage thing and have to buy it used? Aren't there stores out there that sell new? I like the old fashioned look, I just don't want old wires and things that are used. Does anyone know the answer?

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Try searching for animatronic. Lowes has a few, including this moose which I might need.
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If you search for "animated christmas doll" or "animated christmas angel" you should find some.

Here's an "angelic girl" at Walmart.

Angel at amazon

Santa with violin at amazon

Santa with candle at amazon
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Bronners has you covered.

"animated Christmas figures" seems to be the way to go on google.
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