All I want for Christmas is a Beyonce Hat.
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I have been utterly obsessed with the hat Beyonce wears in her Formation video and can not find a good copy, please help my Bey dreams come true.

I have been utterly obsessed with the hat Beyonce wears in her Formation video (and tour) for months. Thats all I want for Christmas, and really, I was just going to buy it for myself (thanks me! you shouldn't have!) but I cannot find a good copy and have been scouring the internet. It dosen't need to be quite as huge as hers is, but I really like the precise structure- all the women's hats seem to be too floppy or have a different top. Is there a term for her version? I'm looking to stay under $200 if possible.

(full disclosure, that picture is my background for my laptop. I'm not kidding here.)
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A close bet?
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This one - it's called 'witch brim'.
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Is this close enough?
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Bey's looks almost like a top hat, but with a huge brim. The proportions are funky.

None of the linked examples has the right height for the hat part...
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It's a pilgrim hat. This one might not be as oversize or as wide-brimmed as you'd like, but I'd reach out to that merchant and see what they could custom make for you.
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I think you'll have trouble finding that exact hat--it looks very, very designer and expensive. Maybe you could get someone on Etsy who does custom felting to copy the shape for you?

Like this shop, or this one? I have coveted this hat for years, and it has a similar shape at the crown.

Or you could get this rad print of that same screenshot :)
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Try searching under 'wide rimmed Bolero' or 'wide rimmed Fedora' .
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+1 for bolero. Fedoras are typically egg-shaped from above, and have front dimples. It's definitely not a fedora.

I've found hats that are very similar phrased as a gaucho hat, but that's a less common search term.

omfg I feel you SO. HARD. on this hat!!! Every single outfit from that video was the best thing ever. I can't wear hats w a really wide brim like this, I have a short neck and the inevitable end up hitting me in the back or shoulder and fall off.
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As an aside: in my brief searches to answer this question, I found this hat described as "vintage" across several sites, so matching it may mean a custom job. I do think that "bolero" is the term that will help you in additional searches.
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Ok, so this has been quite the hat odyssey. My husband actually ordered the hat MonkeyToes suggested on like December 5th. By Christmas no hat, but whatever its a custom from Greece, understandable. Then about a week later we get a shipment conformation! Then a week after that etsy send an email and refunds everything. My dreams are crushed.

But then, two days ago, the corgi starts making an awful racket and the DHL van is outside. THE HAT SHOWED UP. And its totally amazing. Its not quiet as wide as Queen Beys, but its glorious and super well made. Im just wearing to walk said corgi and weird out my neighbors, but soon it will go out on a real adventure. Thanks Mefis!
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