Two days in Oslo in early December: what should I see and do?
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I have two days in Oslo December 3rd after a conference and am wondering what I should do. I want to spend it all in the city (no nature or hiking for me), so looking for urban things such as museums, art galleries, etc. Plus something very non-intellectual as I will be keen on that after days of discussion. Recommendations for vegetarian or vegetarian friendly places that I should be sure to eat at also very welcome. Any and all recommendations appreciated.
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Best answer: I was in Oslo in both June and September this year (for work both times)

Both trips I walked around the Royal Palace and the surrounding gardens. They were really nice in both Summer and Autumn, I walked up and down Karl Johan's Gate both times. The street is excellent, I am pretty sure there was a market setting up as I left in September.

My second visit the meetings were across the Fjord in Fornebu, the 10 minute ferry journey from the Oslo water front to the other side was the highlight of my day. I would highly recommend taking one of the ferry's even if you take the return straight back. Excellent after a day of plenary.

I found the Ruter Oslo travel app great for getting public transport tickets.
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Best answer: The Vigeland sculptures in Frogner Park are not to be missed.
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Best answer: The Kon-Tiki Museum is... something else. There's also the Munch Museum, of course, and for more strange art, check out The Vigeland Sculpture Park.
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Vigeland's park is incredible.
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Best answer: The WWII Norwegian Resistance Museum is interesting. And if you're into beer, the Crow Bar at 32 Torggata is great.
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Best answer: We liked the Viking Ship Museum and the Folk Museum in Oslo.
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Best answer: Definitely go to city hall, it's a super weird building with really great murals and carvings.
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Best answer: I didn't expect anything of it going in, but I ended up loving the Kon-Tiki Museum. City Hall is beautiful too. Spend some time just walking along the water also. Even if you can't/don't want to leave the city, Oslo itself has some pretty nature within it.
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Best answer: The Kon Tiki Musem and the Viking Ship Museum are close to each other on the same little peninsula and both pretty amazing for different reasons. While you're there, look south into the fjord (especially at sunset) and you can see the same view Munch saw which inspired the painting The Scream (without the benefit of Krakatoa's eruption coloring the sky). Then you can go to the National Gallery and see one of six versions of the painting in person. Seeing The Scream in person was damn near a religious experience for me.
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Best answer: The Kon-Tiki museum is worth a visit since its astonishing how small the vessel was and they have a model (I assume its not the real thing) and you just think: wow. Opposite the Kon-Tiki museum is the Fram museum, the Fram was a C19th polar exploration ship and I found it fascinating, they have the full thing in the museum and the museum is built around it.

The ferry to get to the Bygdoy peninsula for both of these goes from the docks which is just down the Norwegian resistance museum mentioned above.

I know you don't want to do anything outdoorsy but one of the beauties of Oslo is that a half-hour journey on the T-bane train can get you up the nearest hill and a 10 minute walk will let you get to the Holmenkollen ski museum and Olympic ski jump. You can go up the ski jump tower for a great view over the city and down the Oslofjord. Costs and details here.

Some of these activities will be included in the Oslo Pass so think about buying one if you plan to blitz a few activities.
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Best answer: A warning about the ski jump: it's a ten minute walk from the T-bane, yes, but it is a very steep uphill walk. This surprised me, although it shouldn't have, because of course the ski jumping hill is on a hill.
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Best answer: If you're interested in Arctic and Antarctic exploration then you must visit the Fram (Amundsen's vessel). Very immersive. The Munch Museum is very good. If you like literature Ibsen's apartment is pretty special, even if only to see perfectly-restored 19th century decor.
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Best answer: Take a walk on the roof of the Oslo opera house.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone!
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