Where can we find a Zika-free cruise-like vacation for a "babymoon"?
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Looking for a relaxing, drinks and snacks by the pool resort since we can't go on a Caribbean cruise. Ideas?

My husband and I are expecting our first child, and we were hoping to go on a cruise or to a Caribbean resort for a "babymoon" before the little one arrives, but now with the Zika virus it seems that is not an option.

So we're wondering if there are any resorts where we could relax and enjoy kind of a cruise-like feel. To us, this means drinks and snacks by the indoor pool, an onsite spa, indoor places to relax and read a book, and maybe even activities throughout the day to attend if we choose.

This trip will probably be in January/February, when I'll be 7-8 months along, so we don't want to travel very far. Someplace within driving distance or a short flight from our home in New Hampshire would be preferable.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!
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Mohonk Mountain House! Just described it the other day as a cruise ship on land.
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I was looking into this also. i don't know about you, but "no active transmission" isn't good enough and I'd look for a place without the aedes aegypti mosquito. I finally found a place warmish in winter, not in the Australia or New Zealand and mosquito free: The Canary Islands. It's not lie on the beach warm, but it might be the best you an do without mosquito fear.
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A giant luxury hotel seems like a decent analog, as described above. For more options, how about the Chateau Frontenac or Bretton Woods? (Although I don't think Bretton Woods has an indoor pool)
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There are definitely large-ish resorts with a little of that cruise feel in New Hampshire and Vermont around mountain / ski areas. Could start looking with this list from tripadvisor.
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