Looking for fun restaurants for kids in Boston
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I'm looking for recommendations for restaurants in the Boston metro area that are either kid-centric or have some sort of hook that make them a lot of fun for kids. Note - not restaurants that are just kid friendly but that have something special or different that makes them especially appealing and fun for kids.

We live north of the city, so suggestions on that side of the city are best.

Examples of what I'm looking for - before it closed, Rainforest Cafe in the Burlington mall was a big hit. Our favorite Mexican restaurant in Houston has a sand pit / playground where the kids can play while the adults sit around and drink margaritas.

The kid in question is 3.5.
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Fire and Ice, maybe? You'd have to come in to town for that, though.
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Best answer: Full Moon in Cambridge has an entire play area in the back for kids, definitely appropriate for a 3.5 year old. The food is pretty good and they have wine and beer.
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Best answer: Full Moon in Cambridge is the perennial answer here. Play area with trains, kitchen, books, chalkboard, crayons at each table, etc. The grown up food also happens to be very good.
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There used to be a place in Davis Square with a boccee court in the basement along the tables. (There was a fence for safety!) Maybe it was Bertucci's?

Also I hesitate to say it but...Dirgin Park?
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Best answer: FYI, That Bertucci's with the boccie hasn't been there in a long, long time.

Thirding Full Moon. Unfortunately nothing else great is coming to mind. There are a couple of Chucky Cheeses in the area.
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Best answer: I miss that Bertucci's. Flatbread Company in Somerville has pizza and candlepin bowling.

Richardson's ice cream in Middleton has mini golf and amazing ice cream.

Of course, you can always go to Jordan Furniture in Reading where there's a crazy light show and a Fuddruckers. Also Richardson's ice cream (clearly, I have a serious love affair with them).

Salem Willows Park in Salem, MA, has a carousel and a 1960's-era arcade. They also have a chop suey sandwich, which everyone has to try at least once in their life.
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Best answer: Flatbread's Pizza and Sacco's Bowling in Somerville is also great. You can get awesome pizza and big, flavorful salads (and beer) delivered to your lane. Or you can bowl and then sit at a table or booth. There's a big log in front of the stone pizza oven where kids usually sit to watch the pizzas being made.
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Asmara Ethiopian in Cambridge...food you're SUPPOSED to eat with your hands!
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What about Kowloon? It's really over the top decor. Food is just ok. Also Japanese steakhouses are fun to keep kids entertained with the show -- there are a bunch around. Dave & Buster's (arcade games) in Woburn would be another option.
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Best answer: American Fresh in Somerville has a small area with toys, and is very kid-friendly. Our son usually ends up playing with other kids there while we gab with friends. It's covered & heated in the winter, don't let the beer garden aspect in these chilly months put you off. Plus, it's close to Legoland, so you can have the kid run off some kid energy at Legoland first, then hit American Fresh for food and drinks after.

Full Moon is the only other really kid-centric place we've found.
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Oh! I just remembered one more place, but for kids who are a little older, so something to keep in mind when your kid is more like 5 and up- Bit Bar in Salem has food and arcade games.
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