Twitter Oasis: happy/funny/strange accounts with NO POLITICS?
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I need a happy place online - give to me your your funny, your odd, your interesting, your happy twitter account suggestions!

Hi gang,

For mental health reasons, i'm trying to carve out a space on Twitter that can be a break from the shittiness of the world, while not feeling like I have to isolate myself from the online world entirely.

To this end, i'm making a twitter List and i'm looking for suggestions of fun, cool, interesting, strange etc accounts to follow with no negativity, no sadness, no goddamn politics above all. You can see what i've already got here (feel free to plunder for your own versions of this! Apologies in advance for the abundance of goofy Overwatch accounts, but also not sorry, and please suggest more.)

I'd really love more bookish stuff? I am particularly fond of console gaming, SPAAAACE!!, things in the Cute Animal genre, snakes and reptiles, niche pulp fiction accounts, anything that sounds like it may have been written by The Toast, historical fashion and mores, Hannibal, fan-fiction, dry British humour, dorky puns, General Interest Geekery & Art, art history, feminist comic books and idyllic rural life (from a distance. I lived it. There are more bugs than you see in the Twitter pics, and sheep are deeply stupid).

But throw anything that interests you at me, i'd love to hear about it. Whatcha got?
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Strange Animals
Nature is Weird
posted by dhruva at 7:53 AM on November 13, 2016

@earth_pics (just cool photos)
@cmdr_Hadfield (a wonderful Canadian astronaut who occasionally posts his fantastic orbit photos)
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oh and @CuteEmergency
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I can't see your link to your current list but I love Cutest Animals Ever.
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The following two have had one or two allusive tweets since the election, but are otherwise politics-free.

@paprbckparadise YA paperback covers remixed
@officeredith Animal Care & Control from SF
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Can't see your list either - I'm interested in it myself
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@trouteyes - improved song lyrics, RaggaQueen and terrible puns
@ParrotOfTheDay nice birdies
@SoVeryBritish Very British Problems, and not a word of a lie
@mallelis - Mallory Ortberg etc still keeping on!
@snailracingg - click to power your chosen gastropod
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Bad Realty Photos! Dare you to read through more than ten without cracking up in bewildered hysteria.
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@gutenberg_new is a bookish feed that's easy to get lost in, virtually guaranteed to be 70+ years behind the times.
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Self Aware Roomba
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Some ideas:
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I follow the Medieval Death Bot (@deathmedieval), which is sort of the opposite of cheery, but generally makes me feel better about modern society. At least we have far fewer children being killed by pigs?
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NoContextLouis - screengrabs from Louis Theroux's shows
Pro Bird Rights
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Drat, I checked and I made the list public - not sure how else to make it visible. If it helps, i'm @syntaxmoot, you should be able to look my Lists up on my profile? It's titled Oasis.

These suggestions are all GREAT, some of them are already on there which tells me Metafilter was exactly the right place to ask this question!
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(If it still doesn't work, let me know and i'll write 'em up as a list. Lot of people could probably do with some online places to relax stressed minds just now.)
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I've been doing exactly this but haven't got myself organised into a list yet. Here's some of mine that I didn't see on your list:

@herdyshepherd1 and @amandaowen8 for rural idyll/sheep farming

@70s_party for horrific jellied food


@ConanSalaryman by Crom, office jobs suck

@duckoftheday, @emergency_fox, @shibsbot, @samoyedsbot, @emergency_capy, @ZooBorns self-explanatory

@fanfiction_txt JUST THE WORST

@nice_tips_bot useful tips for life

@MachinePix incredibly satisfying videos of how stuff works (like @ThingsWork)

@paprbckparadise double takes all day

@theretronaut, @aflashbak, @sovietvisuals interesting 20thC history (occasional politics)

@scarfolk it's like the 70s never ended (with bonus eldritch horror)

@swear_trek Treklols

@tiny_space_poo to go with @tiny_star_field and @tiny_astro_naut
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(@herdyshepherd1 gets VERY upset if you say sheep are stupid, though)
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Those are fantastic, corvine. I was genuinely sighing in delight, until I looked at @70s_party and then I actually said 'What is happening.' out loud as I scrolled in fascinated horror.

This, though? '@fanfiction_txt JUST THE WORST'
...I think you mean the absolute best.

(And as regards sheep, it may perhaps just be mine? I neglected their classical education, it's true.)
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