Help me fly a flag - US, post-election
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I'm looking for a flag that represents solidarity and a commitment to progressive ideals, justice and protection for all, including minorities. The opposite of what the Gadsden flag has come to represent.

I have been following the election threads as a lurker. I've had a migraine all night and just woke up to confirm the election results. (A possible caveat, then, that I'm not the best at words right now.) I am looking for a flag I can fly on my house that, if possible, represents my values. I am a liberal, a progressive, and I need to be more involved in my community. That's what I got from the latest election thread - stand up and get involved. I don't know necessarily what that will look like, but it's a commitment I am making.
I know buying a flag is wholly not equivalent to the actual effort and work of community involvement; nevertheless, I would like a visual symbol and reminder.

I would like a flag that represents the shared values of solidarity, peace and justice. Should I just fly my city flag (yay, Madison!) The American flag? Please share recommendations for a flag that could represent a bit of hope in this scary, fearful country.
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You could fly the United Nations flag, the rainbow flag, or the Human Rights flag.
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The Human Rights Commission has been shitty on trans rights so I would stay away from their flag.
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Why not fly the American flag? My flag was flying long before this election and it will keep flying until this mistake is corrected and long after.
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I agree that now it is more important than ever to fly the American flag.
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How about the American flag and the rainbow flag/UN flag/etc. ?
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An Antifa flag is undeniably appropriate, but use discretion.
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I've spent part of the night making a "Love not Fear" banner to hang outside the house. It felt like the most appropriate thing.
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I fly a red flag outside my front door to display my support for all parts of our society, especially the laborers. I got it here, with the Canada Red color.

I also have a rainbow flag.
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My peace and justice oriented landlady just flies the earth flag. There are some other options on that page which are also pleasant and good choices.
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Solid red.
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You could fly the American flag upside down, "as a a signal of dire distress in instances of extreme danger to life or property."
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Seconding the Earth flag.
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I fly both an American and a rainbow flag. It feels pretty decent.
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We fly the pride flag every day.
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Somebody had "reclaimed" the Gadsden flag and was waving it with a Pride flag at the anti-Trump rally last night in Chicago and I found it incredibly moving.

(especially as a kid who was a history nerd who absolutely loved the Gadsden flag and hate what it has represented lately)
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It may be simplistic, but how 'bout a heart? A simple heart and Love is the opposite of bigotry, misogyny, homophobia, xenophobia, and all the crappy hateful stuff. There are heart/rainbow combinations, heart/globe, heart/peace, or I'm sure it wouldn't be too difficult to put together a heart composite of various progressive symbols.
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