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I've found myself with a little more time on my hands. I'd like to add a few useful, relevant blogs and podcasts to the ranks of my RSS reader. Any suggestions for me?

I very much prefer quality to quantity. I'd much rather read 5 low-volume, high-quality blogs than sift through a single feed with 50 posts/day to find the ones of interest.
Interests include:
  • Some of my favorites are intelligent blogs without a true theme. Jason Kottke, I'm looking at you.
  • I'll be going into the Peace Corps in the next year. There are over 4000 blogs about it. Do you have any favorites?
  • I dig web design stuff, especially in the standards arena. Favorites: A List Apart, Freelance Switch, and Vitamin.
  • I also love product and packaging design blogs. Favorites: Yanko Design, The Dieline.
  • After the Peace Corps, I'll be going into graduate school in either justice and peace studies or some derivative of it (international development, conflict resolution, etc.) I read no related blogs. Suggestions?
  • Personal development blogs are among my favorites, especially Zen Habits, Urban Monk, and Lifehacker.
  • I love baseball and tend to be the sabermetric type. Baseball Prospectus, Roto Authority...?
  • Green Daily is the only environmental blog that I read. I'd like a few more.
  • I recently became a vegetarian. Any favorite veggie blogs?
  • I love politics but have trouble keeping up with Talking Points Memo and The Huffington Post.
I also welcome podcast recommendations. I currently listen to Boagworld, The Rissington Podcast, and a handful of ESPN podcasts. Any others that you think that I may like?
Thanks in advance everyone!
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Response by poster: Oh, I'd love a good indie-oriented music blog or two. Pitchfork is too pretentious for me, but I love Stereogum.
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Best answer: The Practical Environmentalist is a blog that tries to keep you updated with news and tips about the practical aspect of being green. Included is a rich list of environmental resources.
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Podcast recommendations:

The Daily Bugle -- Weekly satrical audio newspaper
Democracy Now -- Daily, sometimes you'll get a good interview, recent Gore Vidal one was particulary interesting
Diggnation -- Round up of the 'best' posts on Digg for that week
The Diner -- James Lileks awesome podcast, very unique.
Newspod -- BBC's daily half-hour+ news bulletin
This Week in Tech -- Random tech news, weekly
The Totally Rad Show -- Games, Movies, Comic reviews, weekly.
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Self-link: My company started up a web development blog you might find interesting.

For food in general, Tastespotting is great. Just pictures.

And for tech startups and stuff, TechCrunch is the standard.
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I'm hopelessly addicted to the Fresh Air podcast. This American Life is awesome too. If you go that way. I like Studio 360 and Radiolab also. Selected Shorts. New Yorker Fiction. They're all good.
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Best answer: For general baseball stuff I think it's tough to beat Baseball Musings.
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A few more for you:

tech: Gizmodo and Engadget
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Oh yeah I forgot ... web 2.0-ish stuff.. (yeah, we hate buzzwords, but.. whatever)
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I don't have the religion but I always enjoy the philosophical and thoughtful Speaking of Faith with Krista Tippett

As a sports fan you should give Only A Game a listen. Check out Sportsfilter yet?

A good discussion of current events, On Point with Tom Ashbrook

Podictionary is an exploration of etymology.

If you have time for humor, (and who doesn't?), then don't miss Keith and The Girl.

And, finally, the always enjoyable This American Life.
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Boing Boing seems right up your alley.

I'm a pretty big fan of Ironic Sans.

In terms of news commentary and analysis, Slate's pretty good (not really a blog, but close)

I absolutely love the Car Talk podcast. You can find podcasts of a lot of NPR's other programs too.
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Herbivoracious is a good vegetarian blog that even I (an unrepentant omnivore) love to read. and he's got an extensive blogroll of other veggie blogs. Serious Eats is the best general food blog, in my opinion, with the various Chowhound blogs being a close but unfocused second.

music blogs: Chromewaves, LargeHearted Boy, and Stereogum will cover at least 95% of what other music blogs will cover eventually, so you really don't need to read more unless you are a diehard music fiend (and they will introduce you to good posts on other sites). my personal favorite site for mp3s is Said The Gramophone - I may not love everything they post, but I certainly want to hear everything they post.
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Rodcorp publishes his daily reading list, and a lot of very fascinating stuff (very similar to's links) shows up in there.

I've read more fascinating stories about the early days of video game consoles from Dadhacker than I ever thought I'd enjoy.

Early-days Mozilla stafffer (founder?) JWZ is an internet staple.
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Radiolab is maybe the greatest radio show of all time. In my opinion anyway!

For indie music I really like Daytrotter.
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Overcoming Bias is good. I'm also a fan of bibliodyssey, which collects beautiful graphics from old books, and of Strange Maps.
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