Snazzy versions of the RSS icon in the wild
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I was looking at the webpage for a sci-fi webcomic called Drive, and I noticed that the web designer had included a modified version of the RSS icon that meshed very nicely with the feel of the webpage. I was wondering if anyone else had noticed any other websites that had similarly jazzed up (or down, I guess) the RSS icon to better fit their page. To be clear, I'm not just looking for fancy versions of the icon (Google image search turns up hundreds of those), but instances of altered icons being used well in actual webpages.

I guess if you've got examples of other standard icons that have been similarly modified to fit designs, I wouldn't mind seeing them too.
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I redrew my own here:

It's such a cool icon to reinterpret.
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Response by poster: clango: Excellent! I did not expect to see the designers themselves here.

pyro979: I'm specifically looking for instances of different versions of the icon actually being used on webpages, not places that are distributing different versions of the icon. I did find a few examples in the "Ideas for RSS-Buttons" section of the second link, so thanks for that. (Although most of those links are to pages that either no longer exist or no longer have the same design.)
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