Help me put more woo into WooCommerce install
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I’m trying to get an online business launched. I need some help and direction with using WooCommerce, please.

I’m starting a niche business aimed at the amateur radio operator market (since I’m a ham myself and have some understanding of the culture). I’ve fought my way through the WooCommerce documentation and various tutorials I’ve found online and have achieved what you see.

But what you see is going to become increasingly cluttered as I try to add products. At present, for each new product, I’m going to have to do as I have with the cards and post one of each thing with each design. Is there a way to start with a design and offer a customer a menu of putting the design on the various products? That is, a customer likes a design and can choose right there whether he wants cards and how many, clothing, a coffee mug, or whatever. (I do the personalization once I get an order.)

Special snowflake handicaps: I’m not a coder. I can work my way through CSS, but I don’t actually know it. Also, I’ve got chronic fatigue syndrome, and the brain fog hampers my mental acuity. I can’t afford to do the right thing and hire someone to make this happen for me. What I’m asking is whether this is possible, and if so, can you point me to the proper resources so I can work on it?
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Try variable products and these instructions:

Shirt, card, poster, etc. can each be variable data and have their own attributes like size and their own price. You shouldn't need to be a coder to implement this, but I haven't done it myself to verify.
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Maybe I'm not understanding the question, but for each design, you can add a variation of a product. For example, for the Active Antenna design, the variations might be 100 QSL cards, 500 QSL cards, 1000 QSL cards, white coffee mug, black coffee mug, short sleeved t-shirt, etc.

It looks like you already have the variations for the cards/amounts, just add the addtional products?
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Yep, Variable Products.

Feel free to PM me if you'd like to ask questions.
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You could also keep your master inventory location somewhere else (inventory software, accounting system, etc.) and use an integration tool to push products to your store. (Full disclosure, I work for one of those integration companies, MeMail me if you want more info.)
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