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What online resources can I check out to learn what's going on in Detroit/Ferndale this weekend? Google isn't turning up the kind of information I am looking for. I am not looking for major concerts, conventions or the like. Moreso, I am looking for fun hipster appropriate listings such as dive bars with themed Karaoke the 1st Saturday of every month, fun retro dance parties with a diverse crowd every Friday at XX location, special sing-along showing of Grease at XX theatre Sunday afternoon.... Suggestions?
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I would look at Time Out Detroit to get started. Look at clubs like St. Andrews.

But...well...it's slightly weird to talk about "diverse crowds" as a potentially noteworthy feature of Detroit events. Detroit is about 80% black. Unless you make a conscious choice to stick to certain "hipster events," you are going to encounter diversity in the city at every turn.
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Response by poster: by diverse I meant, age group wise :)
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The metro times should have this.
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Not Detroit-specific, but I liked/followed a bunch of venues likely to host things I'm interested in (breweries, coffee shops, independent theater, art museum, etc.) on Facebook and watch for heir events. If they post it as an actual event in Facebook, you can mark yourself as interested and Facebook will remind you of the event, which I find helpful.
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Do you live in Detroit? Are you on Facebook? If you click on "events" and then "discover" it shows you all kinds of events that have been posted, not just from people/entities that you follow.
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