Wait, wait, don't cut off that song
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Song-ID-filter: On This week's episode (10/29/2016 with Steve Young) of Wait Wait Don't Tell Me there was a song used as bumper music right after the Limericks section. I'd like to hear the whole song but Google is not helping me find it from the lyrics that they played.

The lyrics are close to:

...You ooh and me eee let's sit and chat and drink coffee
Maybe we could see if we could be oh oh oh...

The song is at about 40:40 here but it doesn't seem to be the same one used in the version of the show on their main page where it's broken up into segments.

It seems like there is enough there to ID this song, but I'm not finding it and I don't see any show notes with links or lists of bumper music. What is the title and/or artist of this song?
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Shazam says "You and Me" by Amber Hunter.
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And for completeness' sake, the song on the main page where the show is broken into segments is Nat King Cole's "You're the Cream in My Coffee".
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That's the one and the rest of it is just as lovely. Thanks! I owe you a Coke.

I was surprised when I got to the Nat King Cole song when I was first looking for a link because it seemed to be at the right point in the show, but I know that song and I knew that wasn't it. It made me wonder if "You and Me" was actually a NKC cover I didn't know.
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