Please help me identify this song, so I can buy it from Amazon and listen to it a thousand million times and maybe someday put it on a mix cd!
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Hivemind, can you help me identify this song? Beat : strong, very danceable. Vocals : female, thick (like honey). For part of the song, she ends each line with "uh huh." I feel like it's a (recent) popular song, but every time I hear it, there's too much ambient noise for Shazam! to identify it.
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Do you remember any of the lyrics? Can you capture an audio sample next time you hear it?
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Could it be KT Tunstall's "Black Horse And The Cherry Tree"? It's "woo hoo" instead of "uh huh" but it's fast, has a danceable beat, and has been popular for a few years.
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Response by poster: hmmm, no. The voice is kinda similar, but the song I'm thinking of is a lot more like electronica -- in fact, it may be all electronic.

Good song, though!
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Fastlane, by Esthero? (Sorry, no link to audio.)
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Response by poster: no, it definitely has more of a "dance" sound and less of an "r&b" sound.
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Response by poster: (last comment was for greg nog)
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TiK ToK by Kesha?
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Response by poster: Hmmm, not Tik Tok. I'd say the song is more "hipster dance night" and less "mainstream dance club" if that makes any sense.
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Goldfrapp comes to mind...
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Could be something by The Gossip - maybe Standing in the Way of Control or Pop Goes the World.
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The Teaches of Peaches...
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Robyn - Bum Like Me ?
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Where did you hear it? Party, grocery store, sbux? Knowing this can help direct a diagnosis.
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Response by poster: You know, I thought it was Peaches at first because the vocalist sounded like her, but I think this song is pretty recent and I don't think Peaches has had a hit recently.
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Somebody ... Lady GaGa? ... somebody sampled Peaches recently, in a mainstream radio song. Not sure if that's useful or not.
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17 by Sky Ferriera ?
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Is it this:
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Response by poster: If it helps, I would describe the vocal style as more "talky" and less "singy." But it's not rap or hip-hop.
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Lady Gaga: Poker Face?
(talky in parts, dance, but not really hipster)
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Response by poster: No. It is not Poker Face.
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That's Not My Name by The Ting Tings?
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Here's a long shot: KLF - 3 A.M. Eternal
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Britney Spears - Circus?
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I really hope this works out. I'm dying to know what it is.
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Well, did you figure it out yet Afroblanco?
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Response by poster: No. And I haven't heard it since. I'm even considering getting in contact with the DJ from the wedding where I last heard the song.
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Maybe we should go clubbing this weekend.
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... well? Did you go clubbing and find out the answer?
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No, AB never got back to me. I'm still up for a fact-finding mission though.
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I'm strangely obsessed with this question; where have you heard it, other than at the wedding?

There was a leaked song around the time of your original question -- "Dance" by Kelly Clarkson, that's supposedly from her upcoming new album. I don't want to post a link to it, what with it being leaked and all... But it's easily searchable enough and available on some music blogs, if you want to listen to the full version. Youtube has a very brief clip.

But obviously this can't have been it if you heard it at a wedding! Did it sound eightyish and vaguely like newer Depeche-Mode synth in parts?
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Response by poster: Couldn't find the Kelly Clarkson song. MeMail me a link, maybe? Not sure about the Depeche Mode synths, can't speak to that. I just remember a strong beat, and that the vocalist sounded a LOT like Peaches in Fuck The Pain Away.

Anyway, I just emailed my buddy whose wedding this song was played at. Hopefully he can put me in touch with the DJ. Somewhere in his collection is this song. IT DOES EXIST, I promise you.

And jeffamaphone -- you know, there really are more reliable ways to get ahold of me for making weekend plans!

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The DJ Batsignal has been lit...

He may have been doing a mashup at the time, he did quite a few that night.
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I can't imagine what could be more reliable than Metafilter.
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The DJ suspects it may be one of two songs:

Dirty Projectors - Stillness is the move
xx - Crystalized
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Ironically the meetup in Portland this weekend is probably going to delay a ruling on these until Monday. How will we last the weekend in such suspense?
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Response by poster: Okay, so I listened to the two songs that the DJ suggested, as well as the Kelly Clarkson song. And, unfortunately ... no dice.

The best way I can describe the song -- a vocalist whose voice sounds like Peaches on "Fuck the Pain Away," and music sounds similar to La Roux's "Bulletproof."

And of course, the "Uh huh" chorus.

Someday, I shall find this song.

I've even created a Pandora station, and seeded it with the suggestions from this thread. My quest will not cease.
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Okay, we're going to Bubble Lounge this week.
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Well, we totally failed. Sorry everyone.
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Best answer: I found it. I found it I found it I found it I found it I FOUND IT!

And you're going to hate me. Because it doesn't sound anything like how I described it. Except for the chorus. Which kinda sounds like how I described it.

The song? Home, by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes.

And yes. Sorta countryish. Not electro at all.

Please don't kill me.

Anyway, if you want the full story... it's actually not exciting at all, but sort of inevitable. My buddy hosts a TV night at his apartment, and this week we were watching the show Community. And they play this song at the end of the episode Debate 109. And when I heard it, I knew this was the song.

But you know what? It's a good song. A damn good song.

And y'all have introduced me to a whole genre of music that I wasn't even aware of. So I guess that's something.
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Here they are, performing on Letterman. I never thought I'd describe hipsters as "adorable," but you can't watch that and not think they aren't the cutest thing ever.
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Response by poster: And to be fair, the chorus for Home kinda has the same beat as the verse part of Bulletproof. Man, that would be awesome if somebody did a mashup of the two... I wonder if anybody's thought of that yet.
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We hate you. But it is forgiven, because this song is too happy-making for killing.

Now, what is this genre?
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No chance we would have heard this in the club, I suspect.
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Response by poster: I think I heard it first at Elbo Room, actually. But Shazam failed me.
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