Scariest movies available for streaming?
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I have been in a spooky mood lately and would like your recommendations for the SCARIEST movies available to stream on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video, or HBO.

All of the horror/thriller movies available for streaming seem to be soo campy, which has its place but its not what I want.

I prefer newer movies. I loved Babadook. The last movie I saw was 13 sins and it was so stupid and not scary

Other scary movies I liked: silent hill, saw (the first one only), It, Jaws, Pet Semetary, Let the right one in.
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Best answer: You might be interested in this list from reddit's "Netflix Best Of" (confusingly, there is also a Best of Netflix subreddit. I can't figure out why they don't unite, but anyway): 31 days of horror.
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Best answer: The Witch is on Amazon. It definitely has more of a psychological horror aspect.
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Best answer: Things that are on Netflix (at least in the US) right now that are worth seeing:
-Pontypool - This is basically MetaFilter's Official Horror Movie RecommendationTM and with good reason. A morning shock jock is live on air in a small town in Canada when a peculiar civic disturbance hits. Works as a scary movie and as a fascinating thinkpiece.
--Honeymoon - A couple takes a romantic honeymoon to the woodsy area where the bride often went as a kid. Very soon, the groom starts wondering who he has married. Interesting gender politics, real scares.
-Let Us Prey - A rural Scottish police station has a night from hell. Delightful (and scary) mix of John Carpenterisms, from Assault on Precinct 13 to Prince of Darkness. Liam Cunningham (Ser Davos from Game of Thrones) and Pollyanna McIntosh star and are both jaw-droppingly awesome.
-Dead Set - satire/horror/zombie thing from Charlie Brooker (Black Mirror). It's the zombie apocalypse as seen from the Big Brother house. It's alternately scary and bleakly funny.
-He Never Died - Henry Rollins stars as a mysterious, depressed loner dragged back into interacting with the world by local organized crime, who have made a serious goddamned mistake.
-Faults - Kind of horror adjacent more than it is directly horror. But it's gripping and terrifying all the same. A down on his luck cult expert is hired to perform a short term deprogramming on a troubled and troubling young woman.
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Best answer: Dont miss the short spooky story called Lights out on youtube!!
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If you have a Showtime subscription, you can stream It Follows on Amazon - it's fantastic.
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It follows. Scary monster can possess anyone and won't stop until it gets you.
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Beyond the Walls is a 3-part special/miniseries/movie-esque French horror thing that is full of super creepy imagery especially, on Shudder. Heck, dropping $5 for one month of Shudder might be worth it because you'll get your fill of all sorts of horror.
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Best answer: I Am A Ghost.
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Don't Be Afraid of the Dark by Del Toro. I don't know if it's a free stream anywhere but it's available for rent for a few bucks. Creepy faerie tale with typical Del Toro nightmare fuel.
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Best answer: "Hush," "The Invitation," and "Oculus," all on Netflix.
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Best answer: Horror junkie here. The best from the past ~10 years in terms of pure creepiness & jump scares imo:

It Follows
The Descent
The Witch (as stated above more pschological, there's just a couple traditional scares, but the whole movie fills you with dreaded tension)
Paranormal Activity #3
The Conjuring (wasn't a huge fan of this overall but the first half had some great moments)

and of course an honorary mention to Cabin in the Woods, although that's kinda in its own genre

recently I watched Bone Tomahawk, an interesting and different crossover between a Horror and a Western, but I can only recommend it with the caveat that there's a few extremely, extremely grizzly death scenes
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Let the Right One In is good, no idea about availability though :/
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I found The Descent to be pants-shittingly terrifying, if that's any help. Sadly, I can't say if/where it's available. British ending, not American, if you can.
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Nthing The Descent. I am not easily scared, and I was terrified. The sequel is also pretty good.

Just thinking about it gives me the spooks.
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Best answer: I loved/was terrified of Babadook and had a similar reaction to The Conjuring.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions !!!
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Okay Robert Wise's The Haunting (1963) is available on Amazon, though it seems like you have to pay rental fees.

That one is really frightening. I mean REALLY frightening.

It Follows is really good, too, I think it deserves its reputation.

I enjoyed Oculus though it's not anywhere near as good quality as the previous two.

I also found The Invitation momentarily disturbing, but I was watching it out of the corner of my eye, and when I opened a FanFare discussion people just poked holes in it and deflated me with rather valid criticisms. Liked it in the moment, though.

The Descent I only saw the second half of, and it is frightening and disturbing in a way I didn't find enjoyable. But, very moving.

While I was watching The Conjuring I early on got a strong feeling that I shouldn't be watching it, for reasons I couldn't explain, in a "God doesn't like this" kind of way. I didn't realize until afterwards that it purports to be a true story and that its central characters are... well, I think it's been discussed on the blue, but I do regret that my rental fee put money in their pockets. I mean I guess it is a bit scary, at first, but it wasn't worth making the baby Jesus cry.

I enjoyed Let The Right One In but did not find it particularly scary; mostly, I was thankful for my family.

Disclaimer: I also liked The Babadook but did not find it so much scary as sad. Like Oculus, it seems to be more about untreated mental illness than anything else, and I get all frustrated like NO BUT THERE'S A PSYCHIATRIST RIGHT THERE?!?
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Sacre bleu! Someome went through the trouble of uploading the French horror classic, "Eyes Without a Face" so you could enjoy it. It's one of the greatest horror films of all time, in my opinion. English subtitles and terror that is subtle and creepy. Very highly recommended.
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It's older, but Signourney Weaver in Alien and in Aliens is about as good as sci-fi horror gets.

The later movies (Alien 3 and beyond) are more of action films, but the first two, I'm betting you'd like.
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