good mexican food in toronto?
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Any recommendations for good mexican taqueria food in Toronto?

I recently moved to Toronto from the SF bay area, where you couldn't go more than a few blocks without finding a mexican restaurant. I'm talking about those grubby, colorful taquerias with greasy, cheap and delicious food like Rosita's or Los Gallos in redwood city, Cancun in the mission or Gordo's in berkeley.

I love the diversity of TO's restaurants, especially asian and ethiopian places, but I have a serious burrito jones these days and every mexican spot I've been to here leaves me feeling unsatisfied. I'm crave cheap, yummy taqueria food, made by real-life mexican people who know what they're doing. I realize that there aren't many mexicans in Toronto, but a city this size must have some. So can you help? Bonus cool points for you if it's near U of T.

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I used to live in Toronto and there is a place near Christie metro on Bloor maybe 1 or 2 blocks East of the metro, North-East corner of the intersection. I forget what it's called, but it's a little hole in the wall place with maybe 8 tables and Spanish soap operas on the television sets.

It's not quite Mexican, but it's pretty great.
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There's Mariachi's a few blocks south of Yonge and Eglinton. I found the food there as good as Mexico, and it seems to be run by real live Mexicans. It doesn't sound exactly like what you're looking for, but maybe worth a try if you haven't yet.
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as you noted, there's not a significant hispanic (in general, never mind Mexican in specific) population in Toronto, so there's not a lot of good mexican food to be found, certainly not of the cheap taqueria sort you're looking for, in any case.

A recommendation you might like is Burrito Boyz - it's not very authentic, really, but still, good at what it is.

Here's are a few chowhound threads on the subject:
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I second Mariachi's. I've only been there a couple times (and haven't been to Mexico) but I really enjoyed the food. Its pretty easy to find too as the sign is large and painted with vibrant colours. Its on the west side of Younge where IdiotMittens said.
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Third Mariachi's.
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Just to add to what I said earlier, if you go make sure you get the guacamole. It's great. I see I've been seconded and thirded. Although one of the above went with me, and I'm fantastic company, so their opinion might be biased.
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The place that dobie mentions is called Tacos al Asador and I concur with the recommendation (though I guess it is El Salvadorean). The pupusas are the best I've had.

I found Mariachi's to be good, but overpriced.

You could always check the archives or ask a question on the Chowhound Toronto board.
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Try Margarita's on Baldwin Street, a few doors West of McCaul Street on the North side. Its near the Kensington area so not too expensive, and the food is very tasty. Plus a nice patio (not that it will do you any good in this weather) for the summertime.
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I've heard good stuff about Tacos al Asador, but never eaten there myself. Another option is Mexitaco, on Bloor west of Ossington. It's kind of basic and cheap with and good food in IMO (FWIW, I've never eaten in Mexico).
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I third Tacos al Asador! Delicious, and authentically small-and-neighbourhoody.
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Mariachi's is fantastic. Try the fajita's or the taquiza platter. Also, their pico de gallo mouth waters just thinking about it.
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I'll fourth Tacos al Asador. Best mexican food in the city.

and is Mariachi's the place on Yonge between Davisville and Eglinton--on the west side near where Five Doors North is? If so, I haven't been there in 10 years almost but it was among the worst mexican I've ever had. Tasted like heated up frozen vegetables inside half baked burrito shells. I went during the first bit after they opened but would never return after that. I can't believe they're still in business.
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Best answer: As a former dot-com bubble resident of the SF area (with many friends in the same position), I would have to second Burrito Boyz. They have the closest-to-SF-style burritos that I've found in the city. My friends tend to agree. Not as good as you'll find in SF, but about the closest approximation that we've been able to find.
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