Whither real Mexican food in Boston?
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Are there any good, authentic, homemade Mexican restaurants in the Boston area?

Inspired, of course, by a similar recent question covering the New York region. New Englanders don't seem to like spicy food at all, and the Mexican places I've been to here aren't at all authentic.

So, am I missing any worthy places?
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Right. I'd just like to be the first person to say hmm...
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Taqueria La Mexicana in Somerville.
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guess we're all hungry at lunchtime. hmm...

sorry, can't help.
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Tu Y Yo in Somerville.
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Tacos Lupito in Somerville
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second for both Taqueria La Mexicana and Tacos Lupito. I've read every "omg where is the mexican food" thread on the internets, it seems, and these are the two names I hear the most, and the two places where I eat the most.

Tu Y Yo is more upscale, not homecooking. It's pretty good, but I don't think it's what the poster was asking about.
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Here's my favorite in the area Taqueria Mexico in Waltham.
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I'm not sure what "homecooking" means, but I recently went to mexico lindo in melrose, and it was pretty good. My dad, who's from the rio grande valley in texas, approves.
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Picante in Davis Square (and a couple other locations).
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It's Tacos Lupita, in case anyone is confused.

And if we're talking about taco places, Taqueria El Mariachi in Waltham is very homecookingey.
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Also not certain what "homemade mexican" might mean but I thought my meal at Ole Mexican Grill was fantastic. Just because New England is the traditional home of franks and beans, clam bakes and pot roast does not mean that contemporary New Englanders do not like spicy food. Want spicy? Try the Koreana.
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Is Anna's Taqueria not authentic enough? That place is damn good and the lines go out the door on busy nights.
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Some of my favorites are Acapulco in Jamaica Plain (pretty good for a very reasonably priced dinner), El Pelon Taqueria is worth hitting for just a lunchtime burrito. I also enjoyed Cafe Sol Azteca in Newton Center.
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Response by poster: Saucy, Anna's is a superb California-style burrito place, but aside from a couple of obscure menu items they don't offer much in the way of authentic Mexican food.
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I'd also like to recommend Zocalo (formerly Olé) in East Arlington. It can get very cramped inside but the food is quite "authentic" and similar to Tu Y Yo. The chile rellenos are amazing!
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Another recommendation for Tu Y Yo. I wouldn't call it upscale, but neither is it the "hole in the wall diner." It is run by a family and serves lots of Mexican regulars.
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pdb, sadly the Picante in Davis just closed. The one in Central is still open, though. I miss having delicious Picante burriotos just a 10 minute walk away, now all we have is Anna's (I'm probably the only person in the metro-Boston area who hates Anna's).
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I am a fan of El Pelon in the fenway.
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I'm with you banjo. I don't like Anna's and am so sad to see Picante leave Davis.

Tacos Lupita is very good. The folks who own it are El Salvadorean, not Mexican, but they do have tacos.

I'll add to the recommendations for Tu Y Yo and Zocalo (great guacamole made fresh in front of you). I haven't been, but have heard good things about Taqueria La Mexicana in Union Sq., Somerville.
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Addendum, I've heard good things but never been to Tu Y Yo and same goes for Casa Romero. Regarding Anna's Taqueria... I like it!!!
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Forgot to mention Tacos El Charro in JP. I had heard they were closing, so I hope they're still around. There's a mariachi band on the weekends.
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Big fan of Forest Cafe a/k/a Mexican Cuisine at 1682 Mass Ave, between Harvard and Porter Square. Mostly a bar, somewhat divey, but consistently good in my experience. And a second for Tacqueria la Mexicana.
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Do any of these wonderful places serve tamales by any chance? (I've been looking for tamales in Boston for quite a while.)
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what jdl said - Tacos El Charro

Seriously..check them out beore they close (I could have sworn that I saw them open last week, but I could be wrong).
My sister in law has close friends from Mexico City. Tacos El Charro is the only place they say that is just like home.

The place is -tiny- little dive, but certainly the best Mexican I've had in New England.
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Technically not Mexican: Los Paisanos on Broadway in East Somerville has great homestyle Guatemalan cooking and Taco Loco in the same neighborhood is a great hole-in-the-wall taqueria (although owned by Salvadorans, I believe). The neighborhood has big Salvadoran and Guatemalan populations and both restaurants are very busy, if that tells you anything. (and the large Brazilian population supports Gauchao Churrasco).

And I'll chime in enthusiastically for Tu Y Yo on the other side of town as well.
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Amizu: Do any of these wonderful places serve tamales by any chance?

Picante makes them (the one in Central Sq is still open) and Boca Grande on Mass Ave outside of Porter does, as well.

Picante may just do it at Christmas time as a special.
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