Best Web Sites for Real Estate Stats?
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What are the best low cost or free web sites for researching real estate information and statistics? I'm primarily interested in current appraisals, past sales history and property taxes for a single address, and also current and historical inventory of homes for sale (# of MLS listings) in a single town or zip code. I'm aware of Any others? I had access to for a short period of time, but they are rather expensive for individual use.
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HomePages may have some of the information you are looking for (mainly past sales and current MLS listings). It's a consumer site, not a research site, so your mileage may vary. [Disclaimer: I do work for the company that makes it, but I am not involved in the HomePages project. Admin, please delete this comment if you think it is inappropriate.]
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For current appraisals, past sales history, and property taxes for a single address, you should be able to access the property appraiser/tax collector's Web site for the area you're searching in (if you tell us what that area is, we might be able to help you find it).

For current MLS listings, you can get a lot of info at
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Response by poster: Gator, it's not one certain area, it's areas all over the United States.

I am aware of hitting the local county's web site, but some are hard to find, and many don't have web-enabled searching
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Canadian MLS listings
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Zillow is a new site that recently came into being. I think it may be exactly what you are looking for.

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