Looking for attorney time tracking/invoice generating software.
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Right now all time tracking and invoice generating is done by hand. This will not do. I think eBillity would work, but looking for other suggestions - specifics within.

- It would just be me and one attorney who would need access, with the additional purchase of maybe two users tops

- It would need to be accessible from offsite

- It would need to be accessible from PC and Mac

- iOS/Android would be nice but not essential

- taking credit card payments online would be nice but is not essential

- it would not need to be integrated into any other accounting software

- most importantly, it needs to generate customizable paper invoices that can be sent by regular mail. Programs that only track time won't work.
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Small law firm partner/founder here. We use Timeslips which has a cloud product as well. It's not cheap and it's also not very good. But it does everything you listed.
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I think Clio would do most of these things (credit card payments may require an add-on). It may be a bigger platform than you are looking for though as it does a lot more than time tracking and generating invoices.
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My wife's firm uses Timeslips, which does everything you seek. I've done some consulting with other law firms and it appears to be the most common solution used by a pretty wide margin. I've seen some people use QuickBooks, but they almost always hate it. The ABA has a list of lawyer specific software solutions on their website as well.
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I think Freshbooks would do all this.
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Tabs3. Platinum works in the cloud. Lots of flexibility with invoices. Integrated credit card processing if you want. The trust accounting add on is also great.
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Timeslips doesn't work for Mac, unless you use Bootcamp or something to run windows on your mac.
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We use Juris from Lexis. Seems to be fairly flexible.
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FreeAgent will do this.
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Seconding FreshBooks. Been using it for years and it does all you need and more.
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