Flexible time and task tracker needed
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I need to track my time and activity at work, and I suspect there may be ways that my computer could help me with this.

My ideal tool would have a set of configurable counters to track discrete events or actions (i.e. I can click a button that registers "____ type of email sent" or "____ type of request filled") and a timer that can be quickly switched between several tasks--imagine a chess clock. In general the interface should be fairly transparent and shouldn't interrupt what I'm doing much more than making ticks on a piece of paper, which is what I'm doing now.

I'm aware that there are tools like this intended for freelancers, but I've never freelanced and don't have connections in a freelancing community so I don't know what is used and loved, or not.

What's out there?
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A few options to look at:

Harvest is a web app that can help with this. It has a monthly fee, but they have associated Mac apps that feed directly in. It has invoicing but you don't have to use that.

Billings Pro is similar to Harvest but is a locally-run app.

Also look at Eon, which is only focused on time tracking.
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This is very very simple and is literally the only thing that keeps our billing person from killing me for missing deadline every week: Task Timer.

You enter your tasks, you can set it to ding every 15 minutes or not (unfortunately 15 minutes is the increment you get, non-configurable), you tick a bubble. You can indicate if a task should repeat every day (when you're done having the task repeat just uncheck the box and it won't show up the next day), you can download your file as a csv, it's very lightweight. I don't expect any further major development on it, so you get what you get. But it works for me like nothing else has.
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Response by poster: I guess I should point out that I use Windows and Android and don't have a Mac or an iOS device.
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Toggl is pretty nifty, even for the free version.
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