Where for family with baby to stay in Richmond, VA?
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My wife, baby (18 months), and I will be spending a couple of nights in Richmond, VA on the weekend of Oct 28. Looking for a good part of town to stay in.

We'll be there Friday evening, hanging out in the city on Saturday, and leaving in Sunday morning. We may or may not have a car.

It looks like most of the hotels are downtown. Is that a reasonably okay, nice place to be on the weekend? Are there other parts of the city that are nicer to see/visit? (We can stay in an airbnb, too, which might open up more possibilities)

In terms of location - I guess we are mostly hoping for a place that is walkable, and that won't be totally closed on the weekend. Parks are a plus. Restaurants and coffee shops are a plus. We don't necessarily need to do any big-deal sightseeing - just being in a nice, functional area is great.

(Specific recommendations for lodgings are welcome, too. ideally we'd love a place where the baby can have his own little room to sleep in. That's probably something I can research myself without the help of the green, but any suggestions are welcome...)
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I live in Richmond, and I really like the Linden Row Inn. It is in the center of the city, near the Children's Museum, Science Museum, the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, and Carytown, which is a cool main street-esque community with a number of great shops and restaurants.
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Sounds like you want the Fan, the Museum District, or Carytown. Downtown is fine, but those three neighborhoods will get you lots of local shops, tree-lined walkable streets, and some of the best food in the city. The Fan is closest to VCU and so, depending on the block, you might get noise from student housing.

If you end up in the section of the Fan near Cary Street and east of Boulevard, you'll be walkable to Byrd Park, which should be lovely this weekend with the Fall weather!
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Former RVA resident here; don't stay downtown. The hotels there are geared toward business travel, it's not a walk-friendly area or the best spot to be at night or on a weekend.

Try to find an Airbnb in Carytown, the Museum District, or the Fan as zebra mentioned. Don't go west of 195, north of Broad, east of Belvidere, or south of Cary and you should be OK.
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