cabin recommendations near Richmond, Va (up to 4 hours away)
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cabin recommendations near Richmond, Va (up to 4 hours away)

Hi, does anybody have experience with cabins near Richmond, Va.

We can go to the mountains (Shenandoah, near Blacksburg or elsewhere). Should be pretty area and decent cabin. We can also go by the Ocean - if any recommendations about cabins by the ocean. Second choice because I suppose the water will be cold.

Will appreciate any suggestions you may have.
Thank you.
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I like Bear Creek Lake. Nice cabins. Not quite in the mountains, ~35-50 mins from RIC, pretty area, trails to walk, lake to swim (in season, when life guards are there).

(You say something about ocean water being cold: when are you taking this trip ? How many people going ? More details help ;)
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As I've mentioned in previous AskMe's, I know two couples who have stayed in the Shenandoah River Outfitters cabins in Luray, Va and really enjoyed them. Luray is about 2.5 hours from Richmond.

If you prefer water, Smith Mountain Lake (near Roanoke, about 2 hours from Richmond) is a pretty place. I don't have any specific recommendations, but I know there are a ton of rental properties around the lake for vacationers.
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Skyland is pretty nice, though it's been a while since I've stayed there. They have a great view of the valley.
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Response by poster: @k5.user
I hope to make the trip in the next week or two.
Plan is for one family to go - 2 adults and 2 kids.

Thanks @geeky and @ghharr for the recommendations.

Anybody know anything about Blacksburg and that area, would be great to hear. Have never been in that direction.
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Blacksburg would be at the end of your desired trip duration, FWIW. Pretty drive for the last 1/2 of the trip (going over Afton Mountain on I64 at about the halfway mark).
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Response by poster: @kuanes - and is the area pretty? Compared to some others suggested here?
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I did this same search last year, though my radius was a bit smaller (2 hours-ish).

There are a lot of places for rent in Wintergreen, especially in the non-ski season, though a lot of these tend toward "house" rather than "cabin". Lake Anna can also be very nice (an hourish away) but same deal, they tend to be vacation homes. If you're looking for "place to hang out outside of the city with family/friends", it's great, not so much for "rustic". Maybe somewhere in the Blue Ridge is more what you're looking for?

My best results came from googling "cabin rental richmond", "cabin rental VA", "cabin rental charlottesville", etc. There are a LOT of places to rent (which is cool!) spread out over a LOT of rental sites (which is a pain!).

I'd check out, (for places near charlottesville),, and maybe AirBnB, which I haven't used, but is super hot these days.
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Best answer: I live in Blacksburg. You might want to look for places off or near the Blue Ridge Parkway, which actually starts at Afton Mountain (near Waynesboro). Go north and it's Skyline Drive iirc, go south and it's the parkway. Floyd County near Blacksburg has a nice vibe (crafts, hippies, blue grass, e.g. the Floyd Country Store on a friday night) and you could visit Chateau Morrissette. Don't think any festivals or concerts will have started up yet, but it's good visit. Take in the relatively new Taubmann museum in Roanoke while you're at it. We generally refer to the area near Blacksburg as the New River Valley, if it helps in your searching.

I don't have specific cabin suggestions, but I've stayed at B&Bs just off the parkway, and a cabin in that area, but I don't recall the names unfortunately (Doe Run Lodge, maybe--it was a long time ago).

There are cabins for rent at Claytor Lake, which is just outside Radford. A friend I work with recommends this camp if you're looking for something more like camping. He says it's really quiet and great camping.

If you do go to Luray, I'd note that I went to the caverns there with my kids last year for the first time and really enjoyed it. Not cheap, but unequivocally worth it.

If you don't come down quite this far, the Peaks of Otter has a reasonable reputation, but I've never actually stayed there, so I can't say for sure. Another place I've never stayed, but visited and enjoyed, is Lexington, VA.

Wintergreen is a few miles south of Afton Mountain just off the Parkway. Most people think of it, I guess, for skiing, but it's open all year round.

If you're willing to go even further, I thoroughly recommend riding the Virginia Creeper Trail, but that's a couple more hours driving.

Honestly, the short version is that it's beautiful around here at this time of year. Redbuds, lilacs, all kinds of blossoms everywhere. I think if it were me, I'd be focusing on something on or near the parkway.
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Lost River State Park has wonderful cabins - in Mathias, WV so may be a little far, but worth it.
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I came here to suggest Wintergreen as well. Great place.
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Response by poster: Wow. Thanks to all of you - I have a list of choices, one of which I should be able to convert even at this short notice!

Thanks again!
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