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Suggestions of things to do/see and places to stay/eat in rural central Virginia (anywhere roughly between Amherst/Lynchburg and Richmond) on the Sunday/Monday of Labor Day Weekend? Trips to Appomattox and the Museum of the Confederacy are being considered, but would love some other ideas: museums, concerts, B&B recommendations, good BBQ places, roadside attractions, stores, etc.

Hiking, biking, and other physical activities will probably be out of the question, as I'm in my third trimester, though low-key walking around should be fine. Thanks!
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Along the same lines, UVa's main grounds is quite beautiful and links well to Monticello.
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I don't know if it will be open labor day weekend (call ahead), and may be a bit wide of your target area, but:

The Blue Ridge Pig, on route 151 in Nellysford.

Pork on kaiser roll. With cole slaw. The correct answer to "do you want the cole slaw on the side or on the sandwich?" is "on the sandwich."
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Charlottesville: the UVA grounds, Monticello, and Ash Lawn are the traditional sites. Ash Lawn has a summer music festival, although it may be done by now. There's also music and stuff on the Charlottesville Mall (downtown) on the weekends.

A drive along the Skyline Drive/Shenandoah National Park is one of my favorite things to do. There are lots of places to stop and look at the view (some with restrooms). It looks like Swannanoa is closed, sadly. If you're a fan of the Walton's TV show, try the museum in Schuyler.

Richmond: I haven't been to the Museum of the Confederacy in 30 years or so - I imagine it's better than it used to be. The Valentine Museum/Center may have some good stuff.

Lexington has Washington & Lee University, VMI, the Natural Bridge nearby. That may be further west than you were planning on going, though.

Enjoy your trip! It's a really beautiful part of the world.
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Try Jeffersons other home, Poplar Forest.
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The Marshall Museum/VMI Museum at VMI is small but excellent.

If you're planning to go to VMI you might watch "Gods and Generals" before you go for VMI at the beginning of the Civil War.

On Sunday the 2nd... entering VMI Cadets will visit the Battlefield at New Market. I'm not sure how much of the ceremonies the public can see -- but it looks impressive from the website.

I thought Ash Lawn-Highland was better than Monticello myself, maybe because I just didn't know as much about Monroe.

There's also Madison's Montpelier. When I was there it was entirely pulled apart -- down to the wall beams in the process of restoration. This made it an entirely different "historic home" experience.

Natural Bridge is cool... but I'm not sure I'd have paid the admission fee out of my own pocket.

I found both the food and the tour at Michie Tavern to be mediocre.
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Get some pizza at Crozet Pizza (15 minutes west of Charlottesville).
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The Edgar Allan Poe Museum in Richmond is located near to what I remember as a decent farmer's market.
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The Fan and Carytown are nice places to walk around in Richmond
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