My Tumblr app dashboard will not refresh on iPad
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I use the Tumblr app on my iPhone and my iPad. Starting a few days ago, my dashboard wouldn't refresh on the iPad. It works fine on the iPhone, and works fine in browsers on iPad, iPhone, and my MacBook Pro.

I have logged out and back in and I have done a restart in the iPad with no change. I have deleted the app completely and then re-downloaded it and logged in again--this initially brought up a fresh, up-to-date dashboard, but once set, would not refresh. I am completely stumped.
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Have you "smashed your cache" inside the Tumblr app? You go to Account --> Settings --> Smash Cache to do it.

Are you also up to date with the latest iOS? If you have an older iPad that won't be able to update to iOS 10, the Tumblr app may give you problems because the developers are not very good about supporting or maintaining legacy code for older versions of iOS.
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I've run in to this before, and the only fix was to delete and re-install the app (tap and hold on the icon on your home screen until all your icons start to shake and a small X appears at the top left, then tap the X to delete it, then redownload it from the app store)

Tumblr on mobile is a garbage fire.
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Hermione - I just updated to the latest iOS, hoping that would help. Nada. I will try Smash Cache.

Itaxpica - I have deleted and reinstalled, as noted in the original question.
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I'm browsing my own Tumblr feed just now, I see that you are not the only one with this issue (and I have it too!). Bet an update with bug fixes is forthcoming.
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