Looking for books like "The Girl In The Box" ... kind of.
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So my tweens just worked through The Music of Dolphins and asked for more books written that way - from the protagonist's perspective, simple language, the world growing as they learn, mostly a view from inside their head. I've read one other book like that, The Girl In The Box but with their anxiety issues I wouldn't recommend that one. What do you suggest with a similar conceit / storytelling device that they might enjoy?
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Flowers for Algernon?

Also, maybe My Side of the Mountain, which is about a young boy learning to live off the land on his own, but he does a lot of maturing through the course of the book.
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The Woman in the Wall might hit the right notes, I think. It was also a favorite of mine as an anxious tween.
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Bud Not Buddy
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Millicent Min, Girl Genius
Catherine Called Birdy is a good one
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True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle
Very Far Away From Anywhere Else
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