Can You Help Me Find Classroom Lectures?
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I am in search of recorded classroom lectures available online - preferably high school or middle school level (though college is okay if it's not crazy difficult like Nuclear Physics or Advanced Shakespeare). More details inside, if necessary:

I'm seeking these out to practice interpreting them, so I need to be able to hear and mostly understand the lectures and/or discussion. I have searched common terms on youtube: "high school lecture" and "[subject] lecture" etc and have found a few, but often they're poorly recorded or have terrible audio, or have super-fast speakers, or consist of the class getting organized for most of the video, etc... I know about Khan Academy and just discovered LearnersTV. Any other resources you can suggest? (or similar educational resources, like podcasts you'd recommend?) Thanks in advance!
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ITunes might have some
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MIT OpenCourseWare has a lot of intro-level college lectures, generally quite clearly recorded.
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These AP World History lectures (Professor Richman) on are clear and understandable, and his audio is reasonably good quality. The lectures are pretty accessible and interesting too..

Be aware Chapters 1-9 have background music playing softly behind the lecture, which could be distracting to you. However, from Chapter 10 on, the music stops after the intro.
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How about Crash Course? You can even get full English transcripts here.
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It seems to me that the term "lecture" is less commonly used at the pre-college level. Searching youtube for high school algebra 1 class yields some possibilities.
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A few more from the flipped classroom movement (that may be a helpful search term) Examples:
Bozeman Science & Math Johnson.
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