What should I ask my mom to get me in Scotland?
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My mom is flying to Scotland today for a long business trip. She texted me asking if there is anything I wanted from there. She used to always get me tea on these trips, but I'm cutting it out of my diet. What should I ask for that's not too expensive? Something I can't get in the U.S. Midwest.
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The best scarf I've ever owned came from Scotland, made from local wool. It was only slightly narrower than a blanket, woven so tight it was waterproof, but wool so you didn't sweat under it.
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(Now that I know what I know about wool socks, you might put her on the lookout for those too.)
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A highland cow hat.
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Soor plooms?
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Seconding a scarf!
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Millionaire's shortbread! It's shortbread with a thick layer of caramel and chocolate on top. I practically lived on that stuff when I was there.
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<voice type="stage whisper">You know that they make whisky there, right?</voice>
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Tunnocks Caramel Wafers
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Tablet, haggis, black pudding and a gross of tunnock's teacakes.
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I inherited a wool car blanket bought in Scotland by an exgf's mom. It's frickin great, maybe 60"x60", and makes a great foot warmer across the bottom of the bed in addition to its picnic and couch responsibilities.
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I was there over New Years and I think the most--appreciated gift I brought back was whisky fudge. Whisky was a close second.
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I have no idea what this costs, but something made of Harris Tweed would be special. There are likely knockoffs for this fabric, so looking for genuine tweed made in the Outer Hebrides is important. I am sure it is sold throughout Scotland, so a shopping trip to the Western Isles is not necessary.
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added: If not tweed, then Hebrides Linen would be nice.
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C'mon people, no mention yet for Irn Bru?

If she's near a branch, Ness has some great Scottish clothing that's not cheap, but cheaper than the very pricey Harris Tweed stuff (though maybe skewed towards female stuff).

As others have said, tablet & whisky.
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Foods from The Coop. Their Salt and Chardonnay crisps were exquisite. Yeah, the Coop is a chain of grocery stores and the crisps are a house brand, but oh how I enjoyed them when I was in Scotland.

Also, the tweed. There are several little gifts made with tweed (you don't need to expect a full suit, though that would be nice). I brought home little change purses made of tweed with felt hearts sewn upon them. The large heart was hot pink, and the purse was a vivid shade of green. Gorgeous.

And OMG tablet. It's like fudge, only better. So much better.

All this can be procured at any of the larger international airports in Scotland at the Duty Free. Including Scotch of course. But you might also find that the scotch is more expensive there, than it is here (assuming you are in Canada or in the US). So stick with foods or tweed.
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Mmmmmm shortbread!
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Tunnocks tea cakes! What would I give to have some of those right now!
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Haggis, oatcakes, books by Scottish authors, Scottish wool if you are a crafter. (Tea cakes might not travel too well?)
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Hebridean Sea Salt.
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If you like cream fish soups/stews, ask for several cans of Baxter's Cullen Skink (smoked halibut soup). A good cold weather soup that I have never been able to find in the U.S.
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Seconding a Harris Tweed or some other wool item. Also an art nouveau print or a stained glass reproduction by Charles Rennie Mackintosh.
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