Help me find this DJ/composer: Japanese, contemporary, recent
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I came across a DJ/composer recently (in the last year / 18mos). He may have been featured on the blue. The work that I remember listening to was 10-25mins long, quite active, and sounded a bit like channel-flipping — very contrasting sections were juxtaposed with very sharp transitions. I'm almost certain the artist was Japanese. I can't remember for sure whether the instruments were electronic, classical, or a mix. Please help!
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The Hifana album Channel H sounds like this, but it's more than 10-25 minutes long, and probably isn't what you're remembering. (though there's also a DVD that's even more channel surfinger). Even if it's not what you're thinking of, it's awesome and I super duper recommend it.
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I'm pretty sure he had a name+surname... the Hifana album sounds super cool but isn't it.
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Were the juxtaposed sections recognizable fragments or choppy textures, glitches, etc.?
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Very recognizable, even melodic. It was kind of like contemporary classical seasoned with a glitch aesthetic...and using that for structural breaks or transitions.
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Rhizome! You're amazing. The word 'glitch' was all I needed. It was Kashiwa Daisuke:

Thank you!
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