Will not binge drinking solve my problem or should I do something more?
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NYE Filter - Went to an open bar, and let's just say I drank my money's worth, and now I'm having pain on my lower left side behind the ribs....

Basically, I'm 24, male, 145lbs... i drank 13ish mixed drinks and now I think one of my organs is swollen (spleen / pancreas) and is pushing against my rib cage causing an annoying pain when I lay on my back, this pain can be replicated by poking at the area with a finger.

Am I doomed to live a life of annoying pains b/c of ending the last year in a drunken stupor?
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Drink some.. a lot of water, wait a day or two, and if it's still there make this a good reason to go have a good physical. Shouldn't be a big deal.

145lbs and 3'2"?
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More likely, you got drunk enough that you slept at a bad angle without unconsciously noticing and moving, and now you're paying the price for a couple days.

If, after a couple days, this is the same or it get worse, see a doctor.
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Cirrosis is a hardening of the liver and could cause something like what you're describing. Though it's doubtful you could have caused this in a single night (it's the result of liver cancer/hepatitis/many years hard drinking) and it's usually accompanied by a distended stomach (hard belly, like late pregnancy).

It's possible your appendix is acting up, as well.

However, you're probably just constipated.

Take two and call doc in the morning.
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It's gas, isn't it? I bet it's gas.
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If you're doomed to a life of pain after one night of drunken stupor, I don't want to think what kind of life I'm doomed to...

Seriously: when you've gotten seriously wasted, bits of you ache. It's just the way it is. Give it a day or so, drink lots of water, and you'll be fine.
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This is an very clear case of going to a doctor immediately, even an ER. I'd say a hurting internal organ is serious enough.
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Clearly my and littleme's readings of this are different, but it depends on the type of ache. A muscle ache, sure, is trivial.
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Anybody give you a 'playful punch'?
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I'd bet running into something and not noticing at the time could easily cause this. Back in college I cracked a rib while dancing drunkenly and falling over a chair, and believe me, a cracked rib -- even just a hairline fracture -- can hurt for weeks.
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It's likely from sleeping in a strange position, as others have said, or bruised. However, persistent abdominal pain that hasn't been diagnosed is not to be taken lightly. If it's still going on and hasn't gotten better, I'd have it checked out sooner rather than later.

It's not likely to be your liver or your appendix, as these are both on the right side. It could be "referred pain" from your appendix, but from what you wrote, it's probably something else.

If you can reproduce the pain with your finger, it sounds like you ran against something and bruised yourself without remembering. Nevertheless, if it still hurts, get it checked out in the next few hours.
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IANAD (but I am an NREMT.) Chances are that it's not your spleen, pancreas, or liver pushing against your rib cage. The only things that do that are your lungs and heart. The rest of your guts are separated from your abdominal cavity by your diaphragm.

As the pain worsens on palpation, I'm thinking that it might be a bruise, but you should definitely see your doctor about this. Head to the ER if the pain starts radiating elsewhere, if you have difficulty breathing, if nausea/headache persists beyond normal hangover period, or if the pain is greater than a 4 or 5 on a scale of 1-10.
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It's likely from sleeping in a strange position, as others have said, or bruised.

Here is a cautionary tale, Sparklehorse's Mark Linkous passed out in a crouching position and was paralysed. Almost died.
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I'm full of aches and pains after the largeness that is New Year. Caused by sleeping badly no doubt.

You know your own body best though and if the pain is concerning you go to a doctor.
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Did you vomit? I always get sore and pull muscles when I do.
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Pancreatitis? I seem to remember a friend of mine coming down with it after a weekend-long bachelor party.
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