What to call 1980's up-sing?
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Is there a name for the vocal up-swing at the end of a line in a song? Two good examples of what I'm talking about in Walking in LA and I Eat Cannibals
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No idea what to call it, but I always associate it with Cyndi Lauper.

Girls Just Want to Have Fun
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The "hey!" at 1:51 in Like a Virgin would probably also qualify, yes?
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Also Safety Dance at 2:22.
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I'm not sure if there's a term for the specific flourish you're talking about but I think it can be considered a subset of the larger category of glissando or portamento.

Here's another more recent song that has this (and lot of it, too): Tegan & Sara - Closer.

Also, here's some sheet music for that song: [1] [2] In the first one, the flourish is marked by a upwards-sloping diagonal line (maybe a lazy version of a glissando mark?) and in the second by what looks like a small legato mark. In both cases, where you would normally put the destination note of the glissando, they leave it blank (which makes me think that this might have a specific name that I've been unable to google).
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I thought all these singers were ripping it from Lene Lovitch.
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I've seen it called a "hiccup." An early example is Buddy Holly ("Peggy Sue," "Rave On," etc.).
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Could be a doit: a short slide from a given note upwards to an indefinite pitch. Doit is primarily a jazz term. Compare to scoop, fall, and plop, also on that linked page.
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Also Santigold.
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