Online service for keeping my Canadian phone # when I move overseas?
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I'm leaving Canada soon and would like to retain some use of my current phone number, which I use with my iPhone on the Rogers network. Recommendations for service?

I rarely make or take phone calls but I text a lot using a combination of iMessage and SMS. I'd like to retain some ability to send and receive SMS (and some phone calls) via my Canadian number for the benefit of anyone I haven't told about my departure and to cover any gap in time between the cancellation of my Rogers service and the activation of mobile service elsewhere.

Seems like Google is out of this game, is that correct? Can you recommend another good provider to whom I can port my number?

Thanks in advance!
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I think primus offers this
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Google Voice should still work for this? Unless there's something different about Canada, but as far as I can tell it works in Canada. If you port your number to GV you can text and even do WiFi calling/etc anywhere.
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Hmm, looks like the answer to that is more complicated than I thought. GV supports Canada in the sense that you can make free calls from a GV number to US/Canada numbers. But looks like maybe it doesn't support getting an actual Canadian GV number (or presumably porting into it).
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Google Voice was never rolled out in Canada. Transferring it to a VOIP provider might be an option. Note, though, that there's a weird monopolistic thing about some number blocks in Canada - they can't be transferred to a Bell or Rogers reseller, due to an embargo that the reseller isn't allowed to discuss.
posted by scruss at 4:29 PM on September 16, 2016, amongst it's many capabilities, supports sms and accepts number porting.

A mobile client, SMS, exists for both Android and Apple (Have not tried either). You can also interact with the service through a web interface

Porting your number will cost ~$10. Depending on where you are, a Canadian local DID Number will cost from around $10 annually. Since the SMS service is in beta, it is free
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