How can I replace my Sony Vaio laptop screen?
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Where can I find a replacement screen for my Sony Vaio T Series Ultrabook (SVT13125CXS)?

I dropped a chair on my laptop. Although most of it is still usable, the LCD screen has a black circle in the lower half of it, which is gradually getting bigger. I don't have the money or patience to send it to a repair shop but am having difficulty locating the correct screen to replace it with. I'm based in London, UK but will purchase from anywhere reputable that ships relatively soon.

Bonus points if you can also point me to the correct YouTube video tutorial!

Thanks in advance
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Could this one work? You'll have to do some research to be sure that it matches in the ways that matter, and I don't know your critera for 'reputable' and 'soon'.
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I had a sort of similar question a while ago (keyboard, not screen; System76, not Sony). I contacted the company I bought the laptop from and they were able to sell me a replacement part. It was an exact match to the original part.
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Sony has a couple of official parts distributors. I'm pretty sure this is the OEM part for $ 169.47.

I will say replacing just the LCD panel in thin laptops is a real pain. I found this LCD and screen assembly on ebay for $50. I think the whole assembly will make your life easier, but I haven't ever taken one of these Sony laptops apart, so I can't be sure.
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Just an FYI: I had to replace a laptop screen and my solution was to find the right screen part online, then take it to a repair shop and have them install it. They're going to know how to replace it without potentially breaking a connecting lead or whatever. Cost me $75 I think, and took about 30 minutes. Totally worth it for the peace of mind.
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Response by poster: A friend bought it as a present for me a few years ago from the Sony store in Washington DC but from what I've been able to find out over the years, the exact model was never available in the UK. I was told a while ago that it's no longer supported by Sony so I can't go direct to the supplier.

Buying the screen and then taking it to a repair shop is something I hadn't considered.Great idea! Although I've replaced keyboards before, screens look trickier but I want to avoid getting completely ripped off if I can.
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