Transit safety for women in the GVRD
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Asking for a friend: how safe are women on early morning/evening transit between New Westminster and Surrey?

My friend (young adult female) is considering taking a position in Surrey at the hospital there. Living in Surrey is not an option for her. She'd be moving to New Westminster and taking transit to and from work. Her shifts would be 12s, starting at ~0700 and ending at ~1900 for days, and the reverse for nights. Her main concern is safety on transit. How risky is it for a single woman to travel between New Westminster and Surrey at those times of day, or in general?
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I used to have a daily morning/evening commute that involved a leg on the Skytrain from 22nd Street Station to Surrey Central and never had a problem. I was 25/26ish at the time. Once I forgot my lunch bag with my wallet inside on the train and it was returned to me intact within hours (she even put my food in the fridge... though I didn't eat it ultimately...) Personally I wouldn't worry about it any more than I would any other transit journey.
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To clarify, are you asking about skytrain from New West to King George station in Surrey? Will she be working at Surrey Memorial?
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To clarify, are you asking about skytrain from New West to King George station in Surrey? Will she be working at Surrey Memorial?

She will be working at Surrey Memorial, yes. I don't know what stations or routes it would be; I'm not familiar with that corner of the province.
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She'll be fine on the train at those hours. There are tons of regular folk that commute on Skytrain every day during those hours (such as myself). Surrey Memorial also runs a shuttle service from the Skytrain to the hospital.

Moving to New West was a great choice on her part, btw. I've been here for three years and it's awesome.
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For years in my late 20s - early 30s, I worked shifts downtown and took skytrain from Granville to King George station late at night and early morning and never felt unsafe. Uncomfortable or annoyed at times, but never really in danger.
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She will be fine! I'm on the skytrain in New West and other parts every day, including both earlier and later times, and rarely feel unsafe in any way (I'm a 30something woman, and have been taking skytrain regularly for about 15 years). For early mornings/late nights, she can take basic precautions like not having headphones in, keeping her head and eyes up, and having her keys ready. There are also more transit police and staff at stations than there used to be, which is of some comfort.
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It's very safe, I wouldn't have any concerns. I take this line every weekday ~6:30 am, and often come home late, and I've never felt unsafe. I'm also a late 20s single woman.
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I think the best safety is information:

Stay near a group of people (less likely to be singled out). Don't stand/wait near the edges of the tracks - don't sit in isolated areas of the train or on train station. Stay in camera range. Be visible! Have your phone out (ie: can call for help easily). Carry a flashlight for dark/hidden areas.
Pay attention to everyone around you. Know what to do if you are attacked. Practice your route. Look for hidden areas and safe areas. Learn what stores are open, in case you need to run for safety.

I'm in New West and the most frequent safety complaints I hear about is at the 22nd Street station. The other stations have a lot more traffic and movement - and less complaints.
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It'll be fine -- those hours are at the ends of opposing rush hours and there will be plenty of commuters around. I took this route for years as a (female) teenager and never felt unsafe.
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