Exercise book for beginning Spanish?
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I'm a beginning Spanish learner. I do one in-person class (1.5 hours) and one conversation hour (1.0 hour) per week. I tend to be a book / pen and paper learner. I would like to add an exercise / homework book, ideally something I can fill out while on public transit, to practice conjugations and the like. Suggestions? I will also ask my Spanish teacher.
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Breaking the Spanish Barrier
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I used The Ultimate Spanish Review and Practice.
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The best thing my Spanish teacher taught me was the 4x4.

Get a sheet of notebook paper and fold it longways twice, so you have four columns. Put your Spanish vocabulary words in the first column and English in the second. Then fold back the Spanish column so you can only see the English. Fill in the Spanish words as best as you can. Then you can "cheat" to fill in the rest of the column. Then fold it so you can only see a Spanish column and fill in the English words. Continue filling in the columns this way until all (front and back) columns are full.

It's time-consuming, but very portable and incredibly effective.
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I liked using this Pratice Makes Perfect series. The one for verb tenses was really helpful!

Also I know you said you were a pen and paper person, but just in case you weren't aware of Duolingo, it is a web-based/iOS/android app that puts the research on chunking as a learning technique into practice. It's also quite fun.

¡Buena suerte con sus clases de español! :)
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