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Resources for researching pre-menopause and perimenopause?

Does anyone know where to find good information on perimenopause and premenopausal symptoms? Ways to make it easier would be a bonus, but so far every site I find is selling something.
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How about visiting your local library and asking a librarian? Failing that, perhaps call up your GYN office and ask if they can recommend some books.
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Also you should just talk to your doctor, in addition to ask for book recomendations. He/she can give advice specific to your situation and history.
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Response by poster: I might, but it's not actually for me. The woman I'm thinking of doesn't have insurance. I can still ask mine, though.
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A couple of informative links: 1, 2.
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Um, take the homeopathic remedies suggested in the first link with a grain of salt.
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Following on the second link in Moira's post, don't just use the encyclopedia in Pubmed. There are literally hundreds of helpful websites linked there too.
Here's a link to a search on perimenopause.
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Response by poster: Thank you!
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