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Anybody have a Sony PSP? If so, what are your favorite games? I especially like first person shooters.
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SOCOM Fireteam Bravo would probably be a safe bet if you're big on FPS games. Infected also isn't bad but a little mindless.

Also worthwhile: Lumines, Wipeout -or- Ridge Racer -or- Burnout (but preferably not allt three), GTA:LCS, Hot Shots Golf, Midway Arcade Treasures Extended Play (if you're into retrogaming).
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I'm thinking about getting one too.. I see them used at brick and morter stores for about $199? Any where better?
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Lumines is great. I just bought Mercury for my wife and she likes it.

I've read good things about SOCOM and will probably buy it soon.
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I haven't kept up for need of a memory card, but Wipeout has had several free downloadable add-ons so far. I'm not sure if any other PSP game has taken advantage of that yet.
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I have SOCOM and must admit it is exceptionally good.

I also have MedEivil (spelling?) which graphically looks really good and has some really funny snarky humor.

People have complained that there is a lack of good games for the PSP but I don't think thats the case at all...having played a number of the racing game and puzzle type games as well as the ones I own I think the game selection is rather good.
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I'd fourth or fifth Socom. It's even better if you have a wireless set-up, because you can play over the internet. With a microphone(!).

Other good games that people haven't mentioned:

Virtual Tennis and SSX (the snowboarding game). I just started playing World Championship Poker 2, which is fun, if you like poker.
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Stay Away from Metal Gear Acid. Not only does this game suffer from inscruitable cutscenes and story-line, but it features (during the first 5 minutes) 2 possessed dolls drugging a plane full of passengers and blackmailing the government. To say I was dumbfounded while trying to play this game is an understatement.

I did like X-men: Legends. A combination of fighting, RPG, and action game.
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As ridiculous as it sounds, my brother just bought one and has spent most his time with it playing SNES games using an emulator.

It's sort of strange to see Super Mario Kart or Donkey Kong Country on the PSP, but it's also a lot of fun to have a portable version of Chrono Trigger or Earthbound...
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I'm praying for homebrew 2.01 - it's looking unlikely, though.

For the moment, I'm very happy with Ridge Racer, Liberty City Stories (although it uses the nub controller which is terrible ergonomics wise) and I have Burnout Legends which is pretty good too.

I am a driving games fan, the less realistic the better! :)
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I got my wife one for an early Christmas present, specifically so she could play Galaga on the the Namco Museum (she has been looking for a good handheld Galaga game for years, and is happier with the PSP version than with anything but a full-on arcade version), but she also enjoys Mercury and received Lumines, Pinball Hall of Fame, and Tokobot under the tree. I've also introduced her to the idea of Katamari Damacy, and she's looking forward to getting it when it comes out in February (I'm looking forward to her getting it, too!).
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